Vadim Rabinovich - The #Trump of #Ukraine

2017/5/11 23:58:17

Vadim Rabinovich heads one of the opposition parties in Ukraine called For Life, which is currently riding high in the opinion polls. The Ukrainian MP believes the country’s economic wealth remains largely untapped and has tabled a programme designed to unlock this potential, writes Colin Stevens.











May 10, 2017


The interview was conducted Q&A style by Colin Stevens for the EUReporter, May 10, 2017




Why are you called the ‘Trump of Ukraine’? Does this bother you?


In every country, Trump is associated with something positive and negative. For Ukraine, this is a positive image, and for me it is positive in the sense that I see a person who wins regardless of anything. I am often called the Trump of Ukraine, because I also do television programs – one of the most popular political shows in the country. Besides there is the fact that I, like Trump, am not exactly suitable for the establishment, which is accustomed to the fact that the Ukrainian politician must first be in the Komsomol, in the Communist Party, then necessarily take part in the political party life for 20 years. This was not the story for Trump and, thank God, it was not for me.




For complete text of the interview and other photos, link below: ... ich-the-trump-of-ukraine/


Editor’s Note: Some may find it ironic that Rabinovich promotes the fact that some now call him the “Trump of Ukraine” In a 2013 article during an unsuccessful run for the presidency of Ukraine, the Times of Israel quoted Rabinovich thusly: “I am the Obama of Ukraine,” he joked in a half-hour Skype conversation.”. For the complete text of that article, link below: ... ish-presidential-hopeful/


Photo courtesy Times of Israel

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