The “Russophobia” Weapon

2017/5/11 14:35:31

As Sergei Lavrov travels the world nattering on about so-called “Russophobia,” Brian Whitmore says that perhaps the Kremlin’s main mouthpiece might look inward for the causes.

"What clearer example of 'Russophobia' can there be than claiming that Russians are backward savages who cannot possibly maintain a society of democratic norms, pluralism in political discourse, and rule of law?" 

Sergei Lavrov sees Russophobia everywhere.


Allegations that Moscow is supplying arms to the Taliban are Russophobic.


Accusations that Russia is interfering in Western elections are Russophobic.


And claims that the Kremlin is trying to undermine the European Union are, you guessed it, Russophobic.


And it isn't just Lavrov.


Federation Council deputy Aleksei Pushkov, the former chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has said Russophobia has become the official policy of the Baltic states and Ukraine.




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Editorial cartoon by Sergei Elkin, RFERL

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