Kremlin Distances Itself from TV Anchor Who Said Trump Is Worse Than Kim Jong Un

2017/4/17 23:42:41

Photo: Dmitry Kiselyov


From RFE/RL, Apr 17, 2017


A Kremlin spokesman is distancing Moscow from an incendiary commentary on Russian state TV that alleged U.S. President Donald Trump is more dangerous and unpredictable than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


Dmitry Peskov told reporters on April 17 that comments made by Channel One's anchor Dmitry Kiselyov often, but not always, matched Kremlin thinking.


Like much of Russia's state-controlled media, Kiselyov initially praised Trump in the weeks before and after his election.


But the tone of Russian state-controlled media has shifted since April 7 when Trump ordered a missile attack on a Syrian government air base in response to a chemical-weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians.


Since then, Channel One and other Russia media firms have become increasingly critical of the U.S. president.


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