James Kirchik – “The End of Europe”

2017/3/19 12:57:46

If you want to understand the world today and the depth of Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, this is the book you need to read.


















Kirchik summed up his book in a Mar 17 article for Politico:


“The End of Europe,” the title of my book, portends not necessarily the dissolution of the EU or something so catastrophic as a conventional war (though these are real, if remote, possibilities), but rather something more ethereal and imaginable: the slow, gradual reversion to the European state of nature prior to the postwar integration project, and the rise of amoral, prostrate, nationalist governments that no longer project the liberal values upon which the Euro-Atlantic community is grounded, and that are willing to engage in purely transactional relationships with Moscow. Should this future scenario come to pass, it will be the fault of apathetic Europeans, absent Americans and aggressive Russians.



http://www.politico.com/magazine/stor ... t-against-the-west-214925

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