Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine

2017/3/19 12:27:26

Ukrainian authorities want to question former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort as part of a corruption case. So far, Manafort has not been charged with a crime but there are questions related to huge allegedly illegal payments he received from the Yanukovych regime


By Simon Ostrovsky, CNN Investigations, Mar 19, 2017


(CNN)Ukrainian prosecutors want to question Paul Manafort in connection with a corruption investigation and have made repeated requests for assistance from US authorities, CNN has learned.


Prosecutors in Kiev said they have made seven separate appeals over the past two years for help in questioning President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, including letters to FBI Director James Comey and US Justice Department officials. Ukrainian officials said the US has not responded to those requests.


Under a "mutual legal assistance" treaty, the two countries have agreed to regularly assist each other in law enforcement efforts, such as gathering statements and other evidence for prosecutions.


US authorities confirmed to CNN that the requests were received but declined further comment.


Manafort served as Trump's campaign chief until being pushed out in August 2016.


The official requests from a special prosecution unit in Kiev started in December 2014, and involve a corruption case targeting Ukraine's former Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych.




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