Russia Reported to Start Syrian Naval Base Expansion this Spring

2017/3/14 12:16:19

UBO Analysis: Russia’s plans to massively expand its logistics facility at Tartus, Syria into a major naval base capable of servicing 11 ships carries with it a likelihood that the Tartus expansion will for both political and fiscal reasons have the impact of minimizing Russian plans for its facilities at Sevastopol.


<Photo: The Russian missile cruiser Great Peter makes a port call at Tartus, Syria.


By: Sam LaGrone for USNI News, Mar 13, 2017


Russia will start construction on a planned five-year expansion of its naval base in Syria this spring, officials said in Russian state media.


Viktor Ozerov — the head of the Russian Federation Council’s defense committee – said planning work was underway to start the expansion of the Russian logistics hub in Tartus, Syria into a full-fledged naval base capable of supporting 11 ships.


“The survey works were launched, including those, connected in particular with the construction of a pipeline for fuel. We have started to prepare documents and Syrian companies will carry out a number of [modernization] works. We have started to reinforce quay walls and reconstruct temporary facilities of security services into permanent ones,” Ozerov told state-controlled newswire Sputnik.


In January, the Kremlin announced a deal with the government of Bashar al-Assad to kick off the base expansion.


“The deal stipulates that 11 Russian vessels can be present in the harbor of Tartus at once, including the ships equipped with nuclear marine propulsion, provided that nuclear and environmental safety guidelines are respected,” read a January report in Sputnik.


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