Australians Are Using Medicinal Cannabis to Combat Epilepsy Seizures: Study

2017/3/9 22:31:27

Nine in ten adults who have used it said it was successful.

Luke Cooper Associate Editor, HuffPost Australia, Mar 10, 2017


Medical cannabis is being used by people with epilepsy, with a study of their experience showing it is largely successful as a method to manage seizures and reduce side effects.


A study looked at the self-reported experience of 976 people ranging from adults suffering with epilepsy, to parents of children with the condition. An estimated that 14 percent of people surveyed have used cannabis products to manage seizures. Of those who have administered cannabis for the condition, nine in ten adults and 71 percent of parents caring for their children found it a more successful treatment than other medications.


Lead author of the survey, Anastasia Suraev from The Lambert Initiative at the University of Sydney told The Huffington Post Australia people reported resorting to medicinal cannabis to manage treatment-resistant epilepsy and to reduce side effects that had they had experienced on conventional medicines.


Generally speaking, 70 percent of people with epilepsy will respond quite well to conventional medicine. The other 25 to 30 percent [of people] have uncontrolled epilepsy who have tried many different drugs or are on a multitude of different drugs at the same time and are experiencing a lot of side effects, she said.


[Medicinal cannabis] is for the people who have not had success with the conventional methods.


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