Russia anti-doping chief admits to systematic doping of athletes

2016/12/28 23:10:13

In an interview with The New York Times, Anna Antseliovich has spoken out against an institutional conspiracy surrounding the doping of Russian athletes. She has, however, rejected any government involvement.


From Deutsche Welle, Dec 28, 2016:


Russia's anti-doping agency, Rusada, has for the first time acknowledged the country’s wide-spread doping conspiracy.


Rusada's acting director general, Anna Antseliovich, described the doping of hundreds of Russian athletes as an institutional conspiracy in a report published on The New York Times website Tuesday.


However, she rejected any notions that the doping campaign was state-sponsored, telling the US newspaper that no top government officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, were involved.


The Times reported that Russian lab directors tampered with urine samples and provided athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.


Vitaly Smirnov, a veteran Russian sports official appointed this year by Putin to oversee reforms to the country's anti-doping system, also admitted to the paper that, “as a former minister of sport, president of the Olympic Committee - we made a lot of mistakes.”


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