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August 2, 2014
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Yatsenyuk says evidence against Yanukovych “crystal clear”

2014/4/3 14:55:40

Yanukovych and close advisors said to all be involved in ordering killing of protestors by police sniper fire with Russian FSB advisors and weapons involved.


KYIV, Apr 3, 2014 (UBO) – The top officials of Ukraine’s interim government held a news conference today at which blame for the large number of protester deaths by police sniper fire was a direct result of orders that came from President Viktor Yanukovych and his close advisors. Also today, Prime Minister said that the evidence against Yanukovych in the matter is “crystal clear”.


SBU Chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said that an anti-terrorist operation announced by the top leadership in the former ruling regime results in mass killings of people during protests in and around Independence Square with the SBU places all the blame for what happened on then-President Viktor Yanukovych.


"The planned anti-terrorist operation, and in fact the organization of mass killings of people, was directly led by former President Yanukovych," Nalyvaichenko said at today’s press conference.


Three members of the Berkut special police are reportedly custody of the 12 said to be involved.  The SBU chief also reported that there is evidence that advice and the provision of supplies came from members of Russia’s FSB, a charge the FSB immediately hotly denied.


The government plans to move forward with attempts to detain and bring to trial Yanukovych, Minister of Internal Affairs Zakharchenko, other top officials and 12 Berkut members.




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