UWC presents St. Volodymyr medal to 12 Ukrainian Diaspora leaders

2013/9/25 6:16:46

The medal is the highest honor awarded by the international organization









TORONTO, Sept 25, 2013 (UBO) - The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), which is the international coordinating body for Ukrainian communities in the Diaspora representing the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians, yesterday awarded the St. Volodymyr the Great medal to 12 of its members.


The award is presented in recognition of a significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian community in both the Diaspora and Ukraine to the following individuals:


Senator Raynell Andreychuk (Canada)

Gevorg Egiazaryan (Armenia)

Judge Bohdan A. Futey (USA)

Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn (Switzerland)

Ruben Karaseferyan(Armenia)

Bozena Kowalenko (Australia)

Julian E. Kulas (USA)

Fedir Kurlak (Great Britain)

Michael Moravski (Australia)

Dr. Roman Serbyn (Canada)

James Temerty (Canada)

Romania Yavir (Armenia).


“The Ukrainian World Congress confers the St. Volodymyr the Great medal in recognition of an especially meritorious contribution in promoting Ukrainian heritage, identity and values, as well as for other significant endeavors,” said UWC President Eugene Czolij. “I congratulate all of the worthy recipients of our highest award.”




Text courtesy of UWC

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Monroe looks to reload on criminal offense

Monroe karate coach Chris Beagan knows one running back can replace Blake Bascom, Who set a single season boarding school record with 2,001 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns while leading the Falcons to the NJSIAA Central Group III tournament.

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Bascom benefited from the play of one of the state best offensive lines. Only one starter from that unit returns George Meyers and he will miss at least the first two regular season games as a result of knee injury.

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Woo Joo Han, Jahree Williams and Elias McDowell all bring different styles to the a problem backfield.

Beagan hopes their presence allows the Falcons to remain among greater Middlesex Conference most explosive teams. Monroe led the league, calculating 31.3 points per game last year.

Han is an increased amount of a slasher, Quick to hit the outlet, And with a solid expertise in the offense. He is regarded as experienced of the backs.

Williams, Used mostly as a wideout or in the secondary yr after, Is less of a runner regarding the tackles but is a dangerous threat once sprung outside.

Can [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutins.html]cheap christian louboutin[/url] flat out fly, Beagan considered that. He gets on the edge you don't see anything but his heels. I don appreciate how strong a runner he will be (found in). That something we can find out. count on me, We are trials him. Most stimulating of the three backs may be McDowell, A transfer from Eastern Alamance High School in idaho, Who appears to mix the skills of Han and Williams.

We seen so far is he an mind-blowing playmaker, Beagan stated that. Hit the outlet inside, [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/christian-louboutin-cheap.html]cheap christian louboutin[/url] however he sees the crease, He also got the pace that Jahree possesses, So when he gets on the side, He gone at the same. Said the skill position players are the fastest he had at Monroe during his tenure as a head or assistant coach. [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/louboutin-cheap.html]cheap christian louboutin[/url] Without strong play honest, yet, The coach recognizes that talent will be wasted.

Been on each party now, Where we had really good talent in the skill positions and we been mediocre up front and I also (got the converse), Beagan asserted. fairly (trustworthy line play) any day. The games are won at first. Said he likes the way the offensive line is working and joining together.

Think they taken something from yr after group already, As far as the forfeit and work ethic it takes, he was quoted saying. Have to put the time in in order to be successful, But there no guarantee of that.

It depends on whether or not they come together as a team. Do we find common bonds as teammates that are going to help us click and drive through a long season with a lot of challenges? Return of quarterback Alex Vizcaino, Who went by for 1,023 yards and 14 touchdowns with just three interceptions a last year, increases the Falcons with a calming influence and veteran leadership as they transition from GMC White Division champions to the newest member of the Red Division.

Think he comprehends now this is his team, Beagan celebrity fad of Vizcaino. Has to lead them and might be no by completing passes every down. that does not who we are.

Taken a lot of dependability upon himself to make sure the guys are in the right spot. you will find a real sincere effort with him.

Group distinction: fundamental Group IV.

bothersome formation: various Pro. The Falcons lost six All Area first team players not to mention Blake Bascom, the teachers single season rushing leader (2,001 gardens and 21 TDs). qb Alex Vizcaino primary receiving targets Cory Bennet (16 for 212 feets, 3 TDs), Xavier Selby (10 for 143 meters, 1 TD) honest Ruopoli (19 for 358 lawns, 4 TDs) And chris Gregor (12 for 134 lawns, 4 TDs) are undoubtedly gone. as part of their stead, bob Albecker, Ud Egbutu and Bakari Malik buy their chance to shine. Vizcaino done with 71 of 107 passes (67 per-cent) on behalf of 1,023 back yards and 14 TDs. Frank D swaps Gregor at tight end. robert Walp, last year backup tight end, relocates to fullback. He will block for beginners Woo Joo Han, Jahree Williams additionally Elias McDowell, A transfer from north carolina. The revamped offensive line includes Chris Tirone, mike O Laird Gardner, Kashaun Stroughn and simon Scheiber. Incumbent George Meyers will become the year on the sidelines with a knee injury. Just two old soldiers return from a defense that intercepted seven passes, recoverable seven fumbles, disclosed 27 sacks, Held five players to a TD or less and surrendered a league best 10.5 ppg. Williams (33 discusses, 1 interception) Is back in the secondary, during the time Walp (21 discusses, 1 tote) Returns to the protective line. Coach Chris Beagan has been happy with the athleticism of his front four. competing for time there is [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutins.html]cheap louboutin[/url] Gardner, chelsea Russo, O Scheiber to Bobby Steffe. The linebacking corps will be built around D who starts in the center. john Caccio, nick Mariani, Sean Sowinski, Scheiber and Jordan Jimenez are opposing for time there. McDowell, Albecker, Han, Dan Matel Okoh and Malik will have in the defensive backfield. Monroe jumps your own GMC White Division to the Red.

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