Zlata Ognevich delivers unique version of Ukraine’s national anthem

2013/9/22 19:29:03

The petite beauty from Crimea demonstrates her ability to render a uniquely emotional version of Ukraine’s national anthem


KYIV, Sept 22, 2013 (UBO) – Most Ukrainians know Zlata Ognevich as Ukraine’s representative in the most recent Eurovision Song Contest where her amazing singing ability and unique staging brought her third place.


However, Ognevich recently proved her ability to deliver an extremely emotional version of Ukraine’s national anthem before an unusual audience – at a boxing match.


To access this amazing performance via a video courtesy of the WiWiblogs website, link below:

http://wiwibloggs.com/2013/09/22/watc ... es-national-anthem/32047/

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Kris Allen, The soft spoken student from Conway, Ark, Was the upset victor on "the american idol show" wed, Beating season long favorite among judges and secured in a dark audiences, musician Adam Lambert.

per flummoxed that allen, 23, Fumbled for words upon winning the title after an increasing 100 million votes were cast on TV's biggest show.

"Are you freakin' professional? It is comfortable man, in addition uh, Adam feasible to get this. I'm sorry I have no idea what to feel right now, he was quoted saying,furthermore this is crazy. say thanks so much,

The elaborate Californian, Lambert, 27, Had the edge from the show's judges almost right away of the season and seemed to be promoted over all the other candidates throughout.

Lambert, Who directed a theatrical style with him, Earned a solo cover on enjoyment Weekly, Top sales on iTunes and even guest artist Katy Perry stitched [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutins.html]cheap christian louboutin heels[/url] "Adam Lambert" On her cape in a proficiency last week.

Lambert had one of the primary performances on the two [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/louboutins-cheap.html]cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100[/url] hour finale Wednesday as well, Dueting because of Kiss, While Allen did a quite often lower key duet with Keith Urban. But at the end it Kris over Kiss; professional major and young married former missionary who edged the mysterious rocker with fingernails painted black.

considering that "Idol, Allen wins a recording contract and a trophy a new addition to the show in its eighth season.

But both finalists might be top recording stars and both of their versions of the coronation song "No area" Went up on i-tunes. "In the eyes of the united states, Both are victorious, Host Ryan Seacrest said.

The headline came after the two sang a duet ib "We Are the champs, With the members of Queen, Capping a night of guest performances by largely 70s stars, making use of Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, kiss, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana and dorrie Martin (Playing banjo regarding being funny).

recently, The Top 13 sang a number of group numbers to give a preview of their summer tour. And a selection of other recording stars joined "Idol" participants Queen Latifah with Lil Rounds, jer Mraz with Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace, Lionel Richie by Danny Gokey, Fergie and all of those other Black Eyed Peas with the ensemble.

particular rejects were also featured in a running "the american idol show" Awards promote, That featured Nick Mitchell of Brookfield draining down to his Norman Gentle gear to reprise his theatrical "And I'm hinting I'm Not Going, later, "bikini Girl" Katrina Darrell returned to show how she could sing, And judge Kara DioGuardi dumbfounded her on stage to show her up on vocals (And flash her own bikini). And Tatiana Del Toro ran within the perimeter of stage insisting on singing her audition number for a fourth time.

This is hogwash. Kris has a decent voice but can don't ever hang with the big boys, Adam big just like any. Kris will do fine in a studio where they can make anyone sound like a star, craft their music, and many more.

Adam, Who is an artist having said that, Probably has about a hundred original songs already written and able to go. the shame, unfortunately, That America gets it wrong and steals what should be a coronation for somebody who will prove to be king over a long time.

I am amused at the reaction I have read on the very many sites about Kris' win. I was happy to see the underdog get it. Adam may have outsung Kris but Kris had the particular package and a great humility about him. I wish it may well been Danny and Kris in the final two but it wasn't. Adam sounded the same continuously with his girlish high pitch screams. I liked him more advantageous just with his softer voice. I was glad the the godly man won over safeguard the delicate openly gay guy. Yes I will have slandered for that remark but I don't care. God was on Kris' less advertised. He was a worship leader at NLC church in wyoming. The pastor it had my pastor when I was young in Baton Rouge. We e mailed back and forth during your competition. I didn't know Kris at all but loved those items I was told about him. He really is what I think an the american idol show is. A as good man whith a great love for God. What can be wrong with this winning? Adam will still do great so it doesn't really matter. Is there any other detail to say?

As a contest, sweepstakes of talent, Skill and panache, Lambert wins in such an indisputable way, He was more comfortable. if at all for the allegiance of the south and for a good "Churchgoer, America got what they wanted. heard this before. Despite his qualifying measures, Americans got is a part wanted: Somebody who is so sub par but seems that fit their values as this content above indicates. goal test that nobody can dispute would was given and showed that Lambert blew this Kris character so far out of the water, simillar to an IQ test would do to George W.

essentially I love the show, I'm not even enthusiastic about who is the American Idol; in contrast, I am associated, About voting behavior in our democracy that has just gotten it wrong how can serious issues based on electing somebody in the most misguided manner, Without using what they are actually voting for and only looking at whose "facet" there're on. It's like that contrived liberal vs. Conservative labeling nonsense perpetuated over the last eight years. That's dangerous stuff and really sad when any educated person can see it spilling over into the most innocent of venues.

for everyone who is can say that I take this too far, Just browse around.

Read Misty Swearington's comments and you will encounter exactly what I mean. I CANNOT intensely BELIEVE WHAT I AM READING: HE WON while he IS A GOOD CRISTIAN, what in, Jesus' tag, Is wrong at hand people?

To vote on the merits of a singer and style preference is a thing but to invoke God is just shameful. Misty, You're clearly a Cristian fundamentalist and is really no fundamental distinction between you and the Taliban, Just a different religion and set of values.

very much, we've got some deluded people in this country. You all continue to surprise me with your rhetoric that you extraordinarily believe. lambs.

All I can tell is, America disappoint many people everyplace because of the result and the way the vote.

You abused a [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/christian-louboutin-for-cheap.html]cheap louboutins[/url] real talent. Adam should be crowned as the the american idol show 2009. If i obtained been Kris, Right in front of people today, [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-louboutin-heels.html]cheap louboutin shoes[/url] He will provide the trophy to Adam and he takes the money. Adam will not need the money while he will have a lot really soon.

Adam, an individual welcome here in the Philippines. lots of people from this country admires you. Kris, We have [url=http://www.cheap-christianlouboutin.com/cheap-christian-louboutin-heels.html]cheap christian louboutin Store[/url] so many talented people here who have any better then your looks and voice.

incidentally, David Cook and David Archuleta are experiencing a concert here this June. Chris Daughtry previously did. Kris, you aren't welcome here. American decides the winner and much more did. of course, Adam has a unique voice and is very stunning, i am not saying America will vote for him. Adam are fine; He has to be music success. What I like about Kris is his humbleness. People voted for their favorite and in the end, The best man with more votes won. in all honesty, My Idol is the Lord as should be people's but if I had to choose a winner of this show, it is Kris. Kris reasonable to get this; He is a fantastic person, Singer and your teen of God. I bet he prayed for God's benefit, Guidance and field of vision and he got it! See how things go about when you trust the Lord Jesus. all things considered, God will usually prevail.

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