Poland Independence Day: Thousands take part in far-right rally

Date 2017/11/12 1:29:24 | Topic: World

Thousands of nationalists marched through the streets of Warsaw in a rally organized by far-right groups. The march has become the largest Independence Day event in recent years, overshadowing official state events.


From Deutsche Welle, Nov 11, 2017


As most other European countries commemorated Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I in 1918, Poles celebrated national rebirth. 


Several events were held to mark the 99th anniversary of Poland's independence after 123 years of being partitioned between Prussia, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Among them was a rally organized by the far-right National-Radical Camp (ONR), the National Movement (RN) and the All Polish Youth (MW), which trace their roots back to anti-Semitic groups active before the Second World War.


Police estimated the number of people who took part in the rally to be 60,000. The demonstration has in recent years become the foremost Independence Day event in Poland, overshadowing official state observances and other patriotic events.





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