The attack on the Intercontinental came weeks after a private company took over the hotel's security, which multiple visitors described as lax in the run-up to the incident. 



When your mind wanders to thoughts of spectacular scenery and bathing in a relatively warm pool, you naturally think of summer – or at least late spring. However, if your mind is capable on encapsulating pool bathing in the depths of winter – and your budget can stand the strain, the winter offers some of the most spectacular opportunities of the year


Domestic air travel by Russians collapsed in the 1990s and only last year reached the same level it was in 1991, 88.5 million people. 


Photo of a typical rural area airport facility at Petrominsk



Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz claims the new agreements “will lead to an improved level of service of flights to and from Israel and increased competitiveness of between airlines as well as lower fares and more passenger and cargo traffic coming to Israel."


Even if the young club participants knew about Hoverla mountain, Daffodil valley and the Center of Europe, is was interesting for them to learn that these great objects are located on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere reserve, biggest protected area of Ukraine, containing also Uholka Wilderness, part of the European Wilderness Network.



If you've become bored with the usual sun-and-sand vacation, we have a 2018 destination like no other.

If you’re planning a visit, might we suggest this exact date next year? That’s when Moldova holds its annual National Wine Day, a celebration of all things booze, with free shuttle buses to ferry you from winery to winery.  


Photo: Christian Orthodox church in Old Orhei, Moldova




Bulgaria’s Bansko ski resort is expanding in popularity and looking for seasonal workers from non-EU countries including Ukraine and Moldova

The Civil Aviation Authority has been asked to charter 30 aircraft to bring stranded passengers home



If you’re one of those potential Ryanair customers who welcomed the airlines scheduled opening of service into Lviv – and were then disappointed with its almost immediate cancellation, please step to the rear of the line – right behind the several hundred thousand people who saw their already scheduled flights disappear. Warning: The line to lodge complaints is long and may get very unruly.

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