The film sheds a comic light on the power struggle after Joseph Stalin's death in 1953. A group of officials and film directors said the film was "extremist" and "aimed at humiliating the Russian people." What the government action on the film highlights is that the Putin regime, which never had much in the way of a sense of humor, has lost what it had. Of course, what the Kremlin has really done is to insure that VTR copies get distributed in the hundreds of thousands and that just about anyone in the country who really wants to see the film will have an opportunity.



When: Feb. 20, 2018, Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Where: Deutsches Haus, 420 116th St.

(off Amsterdam Ave.) 

The 300-year-old fragments found in Blackbeard’s flagship show someone on board was likely literate and interested in sea stories

Masha Gessen is one of the most interesting and insightful Russian ex-patriot writers working today. A lot of her research has concentrated on the peculiar history of Vladimir Putin, the man and his times – and what led him to a worldview that is one of the major sources of chaos in the 21 century.


Ukraine’s most widely held and traded stock, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) climbed 2.1%, finishing the week up 1.0% rise on the LSE


Learn more about what’s really going on with the Russian aggression in the Donbas regions of Ukraine – and how you might provide better for the security of areas and persons important to you.


By feeding his visions for the future to a well-regarded contemporary, the prolific inventor offered a peek into his brilliant mind

With his thirst for adventure, his rags-to-riches success story, and his progressive political ideas, London’s stories mirrored the passing of the American frontier and the nation’s transformation into an urban-industrial global power.


Fifty years ago, author E.L. Konigsburg wrote her children’s literature classic that highlighted the wonder of museums



How much have things changed since Jane Austen held forth as the premier novelist is clearly shown in this quote from Vicky Gan’s article: “The lower one’s rank, the more physically demanding the work; scullery maids, lowest of the female servants, were expected to clean and scour the kitchen for 18 hours a day.” 


Illustration: Portrait of Jane Austen, from the memoir by J. E. Austen-Leigh. Image from Wikimedia Commons


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