The Roman Catholic parish in Staryj Sambir dates back to the 15th century; at that time there was a wooden temple in the city, which later burned to ashes.


A gift to Dnipro’s Menorah Jewish Community Center may become world famous as a record holder

Currently the Archeparchy of Philadelphia is made up of roughly 67,250 faithful and 74 parishes under its canonical jurisdiction.


A Memorial church will be arranged in the building along with the permanent exposition in memory of all those who gave their lives for the freedom of the Motherland


Invited to the conference are scientists, post-graduate students, doctoral students, university lecturers, journalists, media specialists, "Religion in Ukraine" has reported, quoting the press service of the Adventists.

The Secretariat will continue implementation of the Pope for Ukraine Initiative according to criteria developed by Technical Committee of the Initiative. 


At the beginning of the congress, Patriarch Filaret prayed for Ukraine's independence and for its defenders who are at the frontline in the Donbas.


“All the talks that the UOC (MP) is subjected to harassment and persecution, it is, of course, daydreaming, and this daydreaming is constantly broadcast from Moscow.”


Photo: John James Hughes (1814–1889), founder of the ironworks in Donetsk

“I go to Russia as a collaborator of the Pope, who wants to build bridges to make grow the capacity to understand one another and to dialogue,” says Cardinal Pietro Parolin.


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