In the damning report, Europe is given the dubious distinction of being the “second largest plastics producer in the world, after China, dumping 150,000-500,000 tonnes of macroplastics and 70,000-130,000 tonnes of micro-plastics in the sea every year.”


Photo: Plastic waste at Juhu beach in Mumbai, India. AFP PIC


The expanding approvals for pharmaceuticals based on cannabis is good news for Ukraine where the growth of industrial hemp is already developed and expanding.

Since mosquito larvae are entirely aquatic, they need a source of standing water (like your flower pot) that will remain until they are ready to emerge as adults. You can go a long way toward avoiding being bitten by assuring that there are no convenient sources of standing water near you to promote larvae growth.


“Blockchain massively lowers the barriers to creating tradeable, digital assets…It allows individuals who don’t know each other, or even trust one another, to make irreversible transactions in a whole variety of fields in a safe and secure way.”


In China, the deadly pathogen has killed 623 of the 1,625 people who have been infected so far, according to The Sun. That equates to a mortality rate of 38%. However, the virus cannot yet be transmitted between humans.


Neutrinos are so tiny and inconspicuous that physicists believed for a long time they had no mass. Now, a massive device that scientists say will determine the mass of neutrinos has begun operation in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The baby was produced through a controversial technique that requires implanting a fertilized nucleus into a donor egg


Photo: Early stage human embryos (Wikimedia Commons/Zeiss Microscopy)

Officials carrying out the cull “have the legal authority to forcibly enter farms and kill animals even in cases where a farmer might resist, but they said they hope they don't have to use those powers,” Bloomberg reports.


That limits the possibility that Russia can develop its agriculture rapidly enough to become the export earner many in Moscow hope for or even save villages in areas where large parcels of land have been abandoned


Leukemia is very challenging to treat. But with two new discoveries, it can now be screened and managed at an earlier time.


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