Photo: Flowers outside the Dutch embassy in Kyiv after the MH-17 disaster.



Early introduction of peanuts, it appeared, might be lessening the risk of peanut allergies later in life.

Historic Brit Milah to take place at new medical center in the Menorah compound: 'Not a day in the clinic goes by without saving lives.' Here Prof. Aleksandr Rodinsky demonstrates some of the up-to-date equipment.



A wild boar roams through the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.


Nine of the top ten countries with highest over-60 populations are in Europe with Ukraine falling just below this group.

“Two-thirds of those who commit crimes do not have a permanent source of income,” and increasingly they are committing ever more violent crimes, including murder, battery, and other attacks.  And at the same time, they are turning away from activities of intellectual and cultural development. Moreover, “the number of divorces has increased 200 percent.”


Photo: The sign says "Danger Zone." An explosion on September 29, 1957, contaminated an area of 23,000 square kilometers and exposed more than 270,000 people to significant levels of radiation.


So far, like Iceland, the Netherlands has not required abortion — but they’re putting plenty of pressure on mothers to abort, [Renate] Lindeman alleges, including some discussion of fines for those who don’t.  


Excellent research assistant position now available for Fall at Wilson Center


Public health experts have expressed concerns about the upcoming flu season in Europe and the US after 73 people died in Australia this year from a strain of flu dubbed Influenza A, or H3N2 (H3), which is more resistant to flu vaccinations than most and often affects the elderly.


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