A rare victory for liberals in central Europe



Andrei Piontkovsky, a Russian political analyst now based in Washington, D.C., says:” The expectations are very gloomy…because for the first time it will bring personal pain to those closest to Putin."


Photo: Gennady Timchenko (left) attends a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and a delegation of French businessmen in Moscow in 2016. The oil-trading tycoon is expected to be included on an upcoming list of U.S. sanctions. (file photo)


Security patches have been released by tech companies to combat the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws.


Papua New Guinea passport

Editor’s Note: The official party line in Moscow is that Western sanctions imposed by primarily North American and European countries have no impact. This is a blatant and demonstrable lie that the Kremlin attempts to maintain, as the commentary below demonstrates: “…despite the annexation of Crimea ‘almost four years ago, the largest financial structures of [Russia] and not only they as before are refusing to work there out of fear of sanctions’.”

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel is set to visit the areas near the Ukrainian frontline during a two-day trip to the country. He is expected to discuss Berlin's diplomatic role in "countering Russian aggression."



Analyst: “The key question is whether the political tide in EU legislatures will tip in favor of Russia in time to rescue the economy from collapse, or rescue Putin from his own oligarchs.”


While Ukraine’s military has many honored volunteers fighting to defend their border, Russia’s expeditionary forces often are contractors fighting for pay, and dying in silence.


The political dialogue culminated in the third session of the China-Ukraine Intergovernmental Commission on bilateral cooperation in December in Kyiv, where the two sides signed an action plan on jointly developing the Belt and Road Initiative.


Presidents Poroshenko and Xi Jinping meeting at Davos in January 2017


The document is from the Cold War. But the material it teaches is still being used today by Vladimir Putin’s clandestine cadres.


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