Photo: Monument of Soviet troops at the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw


Europe's human rights court ruled that Russian restrictions on homosexuality violate rights to freedom of expression. Russia says it plans to appeal.

Analyst: “Now it’s apparent that the Croatian approach is not feasible, as the Ukrainian side is just as exhausted after three years of fighting, if not more so.”


Germany and Austria have criticized a US Senate Russia sanctions bill that could open EU firms up to fines for participation in a new gas pipeline. While the bill has a flaw, it isn't protectionist, says US expert Jeffrey Rathke


Photo: Jeffrey Rathke, Senior Fellow at CSIS

Ahead of the vote on June 14, U.S. Senator John McCain criticized the Kremlin for what he called a brazen attack on our democracy


Though the latest sanctions aren’t related to Ukraine, the bill under consideration would codify existing Ukraine-related sanctions based on Russian aggression against Ukraine into law.

Russian students protested corruption en masse in March. Now, the government has increasingly pressured them to back off ahead of new demonstrations scheduled for Monday. There's talk of banning youths from protests.


Nikita Khrushchev (left) with his granddaughter, Yulia Khrushcheva, in 1967


With a looming Brexit and US pressure to boost defense spending, the EU has created a fund to bolster defense cooperation in the bloc. EU officials said it marks a new chapter in bringing member states closer together.


Analyst: “Expect no changes in Western foreign policy towards Russia and sanctions to remain in place for at least another year, but probably longer.”


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