A Russian Topol M intercontinental ballistic missile launcher rolls along Red Square during the Victory Day military parade 

Brzezinski has been one of Ukraine’s most vociferous and effective supporters in its fight for independence and territorial integrity


“…soon Belarus may be a place where an angry but unorganized people confronts a frightened and shaky regime.”


Former President Viktor Yanukovych is expected to be called to testify but his appearance appears unlikely


< Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister and Economic Development and Trade Minister Stepan Kubiv


  [photo courtesy Anadolu Agency]

< The Senate, where the key vote will take place later on Tuesday


Putin’s Monster 2017/5/22 14:19:12

<Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Grozny, Russia, May 17, 2017 


Avowed Nazi sympathizer Aleksei Viktorovich Makeev made himself a nuisance online in Mexico. People who have no faith in police responded with mob justice.


“The committee’s support for Ukraine continues at this juncture under the threat of Russian military intervention and efforts to destabilize the country. This trade agreement reinforces Canada’s commitment to advancing democracy abroad and will create a positive economic impact for Ukraine.” 

- Senator Percy E. Downe, Deputy Chair of the committee

<Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban


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