Analyst: “As long as DoD has the political room to maneuver in Ukraine matters, we see no change in its methods and actions.”


Photo: A tactical battle command post


Analyst: “So far, the NBU’s projections are based on the assumption that Ukraine will secure the next IMF loan tranche of around USD 1.9 bln by the end of 2018.”


'EU NEIGHBOURS east’ has picked out a selection of exclusive new opportunities for citizens of the Eastern Neighbourhood countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

UBO: In light of President Trump’s abysmal performance during the Helsinki summit meeting it should come as no surprise that Russia might move to immediately pursue its aggression against Ukraine even further. We are aware of persistent reports suggesting that the next major target is Mariupol, which would probably be a big step toward forming an overland route from southern Russia to occupied Crimea. Will Trump have the guts to provide serious support to help Ukraine and its European allies foil such an attempt? That was always in doubt, now more than ever.



Analyst: “According to our projections, adding reinvested banking sector income should enlarge Ukraine’s CA current account deficit by USD 0.7-0.8 bln in 2018.”

Analyst: “The most likely scenario to emerge in Ukraine’s parliament after the October 2019 vote is a pro-Western coalition government, and a Russian-oriented opposition led by Yuriy Boyko and the Opposition Bloc.”


"This is a real hot war because of Russian aggression in the east of my country. This is sovereign Ukrainian territory and Russia is sending troops there to kill Ukrainians," Poroshenko stressed, recalling casualties among the military and civilians in the Donbas.



Analyst: “The ministry’s forecast looks quite optimistic, assuming an IMF loan tranche will be received, as well as other lending from IFIs, which in total should provide up to USD 3.3 bln.”

UBO: Anyone with the most basic knowledge of 20th century history is familiar with the situation in which UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain went to Munich for meetings with Hitler in September 1938. After that meeting, Chamberlain returned to London waving an agreement with Hitler and blathering on about “peace in our time.” However, it rapidly became clear that the agreement was meaningless, a gossamer veil over a deal in which Chamberlain had thrown Czechoslovakia under the bus. This was not the cause of World War II but certainly was an important signpost on that road. Observing recent developments, it is impossible to avoid comparing what happened in September 1938 and what we may see the next few days, different only in venue and players. We believe it is possible – even probable – that the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit will reach a similar outcome, with Ukraine being thrown under the bus after which Trump will return to Washington, crowing about some great success while Ukraine is left to soldier on with only itself and some European neighbors for support. We sincerely hope we’re wrong but the results of the recent Trump-Kim tour-de-farce in Singapore gives no one much hope for a better Helsinki outcome.


Both Moscow and Kyiv have acknowledged this problem and sought to fight it, although Ukraine has been far more public about both. Anatoly Matios, the military procurator of Ukraine [pictured], has said openly that “each citizen who fights in the eastern portion of the country is taking home arms from the arsenal”

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