Photo: Zhanar Akhmet was detained in Kyiv last month based on a Kazakh arrest warrant that accuses her of fraud.



Luhansk’s strongman director Igor Plotnitsky is officially backed by the Kremlin – but elements of Russia’s security services appear to support his rival. Photo: Armed men without insignia ride on a personnel carrier along a street in Luhansk city, Ukraine, on November 23, 2017 EPA


Crimean Tatar campaigner Vedzhie Kashka died after several fellow activists were detained by Russian officers. (file photo)


Analyst: “…it looks like our end-2017 Ukraine gross reserves forecast of USD 18.0 bln is too optimistic.”

Photo: Armed men wearing masks are seen in the center of Luhansk on November 22.



The “little green men” are back and the mask is off Russia’s direct control of its puppet regimes in the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk Republics


Photo: Igor Kornet


Analyst: “…a budget deficit below 2.5% of GDP by itself will not secure the next loan tranche. Natural gas prices remain an issue and it's not clear what other reform can satisfy the IMF in awarding another tranche. The next wire could arrive in spring 2018 but not without some serious measures.”


Analyst: “In our view, the sale of defensive arms to Ukraine raises the risk that Russia will intensify its aggression in Donbas, particularly in light of the information that Russians are preparing for military aggression across the continent.”


Photo: The Javelin shoulder-mounted anti-tank system, just one of the defensive weapons Ukraine could receive

Anti-vehicle mines in particular kill more people here than anywhere else in the world, researchers say – surpassing the numbers of victims in Syria, Yemen or battlefields across Africa


Photo: Ukraine's Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko



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