Analyst: “Thus far, Ukraine has received from the IMF only four tranches worth USD 8.5 bln from the External Funds Facility program, launched in March 2015 with a total value of USD 17.5 bln. (To be precise, Ukraine can get about USD 16.8-17.0 bln based on the actual USDSDR rate).”


Jr. Sgt. Sedrak Aghajanyan reportedly died in 1941 during battles near Malyn, a city in Zhytomyr Oblast located about 100 kilometres northwest of Kyiv


Transparency International Ukraine wrote an open letter to lawmakers on 21 June 2017  asking them to investigate any possible violations on the part of Prosecutor General’s Office while confiscating the US$1.5 billion dollars, the amount that Prosecutor General’s office said had been seized.


Analyst: [The Poroshenko administration] “has yet to bring a single influential political player to trial for criminal charges, let alone conviction. The lack of convictions has cost the administration much credibility among the public, both domestically and in the West.”


FILE- In this Wednesday, July 20, 2016 file photo, forensic experts examine the wreckage of a burned car in Kyiv, Ukraine. After renowned journalist Pavel Sheremet was slain by a car bomb in central Kyiv, Ukraine’s president promised all-out efforts to solve the case. But as of Thursday’s, July 20, 2017, anniversary of the killing, there’s no visible progress.

(Sergei Chuzavkov, File/Associated Press)


A undated still image taken from a video footage shows Marat Nurmagomedov, a 33-year-old Russian who fought for Islamic State in Syria, during an interview in Ukraine. REUTERS/Reuters TV REUTERS


Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip (right) and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko shake hands at the official opening of a joint border checkpoint at Kuchurgan-Pervomaisk.


The Russian-backed – and financed – attack on Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty drags on in the Donbas. Fergel Keane reports for BBC News from the Donbas

Operation Sea Breeze has military personnel from 17 Black Sea countries – every one except Russia – engaging in what are being described as the “most realistic” operations ever staged in the region


“The proposal is aimed at improving access for Ukrainian exporters to the EU market, in view of the difficult economic situation and the economic reform efforts undertaken by Ukraine.”


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