CFTC claims My Big Coin Pay, based in Nevada, misappropriated $6 million from 28 clients by selecting a name that sounds like bitcoin and also claiming the cryptocurrency was backed by gold.


Analyst: “We estimate that Ferrexpo’s June daily pellet production rate should amount to 26-27 kt, a 5-9% mm increase.”


Although Bitcoin is still the lead cryptocurrency for legitimate cyber transactions, cybercriminals are moving to alternative and more profitable currencies, such as Monero, which is used in 44% of all attacks.


Spot.IM employees are reportedly happy with the ongoing discussion since the high conversion fees will be covered by the company. Apart from net income, pension funds or other benefits won’t be transferred using bitcoin.


Everyone has an angle on the World Cup and one of the more colorful originates on fruit farms in France.

In what is increasingly appearing to be an arbitrary action, the central bank did not clarify its position and plainly refused to answer other probing questions put forth in the information request.

Analyst: We are keeping our forecast of Metinvest's 2018 steel output at about 7.3-7.5 mmt, or 3-5% less yoy.

Investors may leap at the chance to invest in these fintech unicorns, but the companies themselves — unsurprisingly — are not exactly jumping for joy at having their equity tokenized and traded on a secondary market. 


In London, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) slides 1.7%

Owner can’t find anyone to fly the thing profitably



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