The timing of Thiel’s prediction for bitcoin as a hedge for Armageddon was furtuitous after just a few days ago the hatch on a cargo plane in Russia somehow opened and spilled three tons of physical gold bars worth a reported USD 378 million onto a runway in Russia. Perhaps the universe is trying to say something.


Photo: Peter Thiel 

Ferrexpo performance remains strong with a 5% gain over two most recent sessions




For a mass media program, the segment gave a respectable high-level description of how blockchain technology works, as well as its ability to “possibly improve security, efficiency, and trust.”

Analyst: “We remain bullish on MHP stock, while at the same time cautious that the Doux deal could bring as many risks as growth opportunities.


On the LSE, Regal Petroleum (RPT LN) surges 14.4%.


Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) slid 3.0%, concluding the week at a 3.7% loss.


Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are three famous names we hear in the cryptocurrency market. Here’s how to ensure investing in them is safe.


The country’s opposition-run congress has said the Petro’s sale is an “illegal and unconstitutional” instrument to mortgage the country’s oil reserves. The country’s National Assembly denounced it as a fraud and claimed it could be a risky investment…To bolster adoption, Maduro has ordered the country’s airlines to accept the Petro and other cryptocurrencies for tickets…Last month, Maduro claimed a Petro Gold – a cryptocurrency backed by precious metals – was going to be launched “next week.”


Multicoin Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund which leads 3 to 4-year long-term investments in the cryptocurrency market, has raised millions of dollars from some of the largest venture capital firms in the technology sector, including Andreessen Horowitz.


According to Bannon, the centralized control and constant deflation of fiat currencies is a form of slavery, keeping citizens spinning on the wheel. The audience was told that “central banks are in the business of debasing your currency”, and he suggested cryptocurrencies as a way to challenge them.

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