Analyst: “As Rosreserv is indifferent to sanctions, Metinvest is largely unable to block the illegal use of its properties on the occupied territories. At the same time, the Ukrainian side can try to prevent steel production at Alchevsk Steel, also located on the occupied territory.”


In 2016, Ukraine managed to increase the exports of grains and oilseeds by over 7% compared with the previous year - to 44.4 mln tonnes, according to APK-Inform.

Analyst: “Our outlook on MHP stock and Eurobonds remains neutral.”


Analyst: “The enhanced possibility to withdraw 2016 dividends is another positive signal from the NBU confirming the regulator’s confidence in the hryvnia's prospects.”

Blockchain is a ledger of transactions that…has become a key global technology in both the public and private sector given its ability to permanently record and keep track of assets or transactions across all industries.


UBO asks: “Is this an opportunity for Ukraine and what is being done about it?”


Analyst: “With Astarta’s forward-looking EV/EBITDA being close to 3.3x, we believe the stock still has some growth potential in 2017…overall, we are keeping our positive view on AST PW stock.”


Analyst: As possible successor - “Local media have mentioned Raiffeisenbank Aval Head Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, advisor to Alfa Bank Head Roman Shpek, NBU Council Head Bogdan Danylyshyn, and the head of state Ukreximbank, Oleksandr Hrytsenko. Several other candidates are also being rumored, including foreigners.”


Analyst: “…the NBU has already developed a comprehensive liberalization concept, which we expect to be codified into a draft law by the summer.”


Analyst: “Now that a government agency has confirmed the two acquisitions are in progress, we see higher success for the UAI deal.”



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