The surge in cryptocurrency value enticed many to invest in it. Some have made millions of dollars, but at the same time, precautions must be exercised.


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As corn producers around the world look at the market and try to game plan 2018 cropping intentions, China’s planned dramatic increase in ethanol production appears to be one of the most important factors


Analyst: “So far, it is hard to conclude whether the results of the Kroll investigation can help the government to reclaim any compensation from Privatbank's former shareholders, but now there is a better chance for some success, in our view. All this does not change the likelihood of Privatbank bondholders recovering their bailed-in notes.”


In what appears to be a very interesting – and highly complex – new direction, Kodak has launched KodakCoins that, if successful, could mean a revenue increase for photographers in Ukraine and around the world.



Analyst Jack Scoville uses latest published USDA data to provide a comprehensive look at world food and fiber trade


Analyst: “This incident could mean that Motor Sich is not alone in the Ukrainian universe in having officially lost control over enterprises located on the occupied territories of Donbas, but is nonetheless dealing with them through ‘third countries.’”


Analyst: “Because Metinvest’s rationale for visiting the markets is reportedly to relax the restrictions on dividend payments, we think that S&P’s ‘comfort and visibility on financial policy’ will need to be revisited if Metinvest indeed conducts a restructuring/refinancing”.


Analyst: “We expect the hryvnia will stay in the current range of UAH 28.5/USD in the upcoming weeks with likely potential strengthening to UAH 27.5-28.0/USD in February-March.”


In spite of ongoing armed conflict in the Donbas, investors continue to demonstrate confidence in the Ukrainian economy


The city-state has been positioning itself as a hub for fintech - or financial technology - but has urged "extreme caution" about buying cryptocurrencies.



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