After studying in yeshivot for years and converting to Judaism in Ukraine, Matityahu Wolstein applies for immigrant status in Israel. But Interior Ministry 'unconvinced by sincerity of his conversion,' although he has been recognized as Jew by all Orthodox authorities

Constitution Day 2013 2013/6/28 9:57:15

Today is Constitution Day in Ukraine


The Ukrainian site was a center of Black Sea commerce from the 5th century BC to the 14th century AD

The immediate and long-term rewards of winning the Cliburn competition make it one of the most coveted musical awards in the world


As a Fulbright scholar, Victor Markiw will spend a semester this fall in Ukraine studying its composers


Good news for Ukraine’s many German speakers, one of the longest German words is no longer needed, thanks to a regional parliament


Ukraine’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest honored by the region where she grew up

Documentary tells how some Ukrainian Jews escaped the concentration camps by hiding in caves for over a year


The tussle for second place lasted throughout last night’s voting but Denmark’s entry was the run-away winner with its well-executed version of “Only Teardrops”

Ukraine will report its voting results ninth in the line-up of 39 country committees that will make their vote total report live via the European Broadcasting System

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