Botti is a four-time winner of the Number One Jazz Album status and holder of numerous awards Gold, Platinum, and Grammy

The show entitled “In light, black, colour, white, and dark” includes 16 photographs and 7 light boxes

In one of the more unusual art shows in recent Kyiv history, art lovers are turning out in large numbers to view Anna Valiyeva’s unique style turned to celebrating women’s freedom and sexual liberation in works that include bondage and unnatural positions in an honest, non-pornographic manner

Chander says he believes an India cultural centre could open at the Luhansk National University

Before travelling to Kyiv, the band will also visit St. Petersburg

Kopylova says that an important point was the exemption from the payment of the land tax by the subjects of cinematography - the producers of national films

Psarev proposes the Riga party to hold the Days of Riga in Crimea

Howard Schatz has authored 16 photo-books

Program envisages interactive presentation "Who are Crimean Tatars?"

Stars contestants from five continents will rise on one stage

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