"Today I looked ten years younger. I thank all people who believed in me and worked with me when I had problems with knee and back"


Ukraine’s premier performance in the Euro 2012 championship series gives the national team hope for more victories

During the UEFA championship series in Ukraine and Poland, many of the teams have strong in person support from their countrymen. However, the thousands of Swedes sporting the team colors on Kyiv’s streets in the days before tonight’s Ukraine-Sweden game made a particularly strong impression

Today Fred did not doubt for a second and quickly selected the winners


In addition, a traditional march by Swedish fans along the streets of Kyiv will be accompanied by 250 police officers


Lubkivsky also notes that all tickets for matches in Ukraine had been sold and that attendance at stadiums was 99%


Kyiv city officials, aware of the importance of avoiding any conflicts and possible accidents, said the city will close some streets to assure the safety of a march of a large contingent of team Sweden supporters to the stadium for tonight’s match

The chess tournament in Altenkirchen gathered together 208 chess players


During corner kicks German fans threw crumpled paper onto the Portuguese players


According to Mazurchak, as of Saturday, 198 Swedish fans are residing in the camp


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