The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body will deal with the case on Sunday, June 24


The least chance of winning the tournament is given to the Czech national team and the national team of Greece


UEFA fines English FA €5,000 2012/6/21 12:29:12

An appeal may be lodged against this decision within 24 hours of the dispatch of the reasoned decision


"It was a human mistake made by a human being. Of course, it would be better if this was not the case. But it was the only mistake made after a lot of matches"


Former England manager: "Huge escape for England as Marko Devic's effort was clearly over the line before John Terry hooked it clear. Once again extra officials prove pointless."

The forward admits that he is not satisfied with the result of the Ukrainian national team at EURO 2012


"With all my heart, with all my energy I was trying to make people rejoice. I have always devoted myself to the game completely. Perhaps that is why fans love me"

The UEFA boss hailed the tournament a big success, characterized by plenty of goals, good matches, consistently good refereeing and only "one or two" problems


Professional bookmakers, whose profits depend being right more than wrong, are betting heavily against Ukraine in the Euro 2012 game tonight.


UEFA continued its strict policing policies yesterday when it slapped a Danish player with a €100,000 fine

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