"In the quarter-finals Olha defeated Italian Gioia Marzocca 15-8"


In total, the match was attended by more than 35,000 fans from Ukraine, Spain, France, England, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan, China, the United States, Finland, Australia and other countries


27-year-old Manuel Charr ranks 11 in the WBC ranking

"The average attendance at the stadiums of EURO 2012 is 45,507 fans"


"The match will be handled by Pawel Golembski, who had been a presenter at the stadium in Wroclaw"


According to the article, the shocking nature of the revelations in Stadiums of Hate would certainly have contributed to many England fans deciding not to travel to the tournament


Italy will play Germany in semifinals in Warsaw on June 28


Kassai says he could not bear what had happened, but adds that it was already impossible to change anything

In a semifinal game on June 27, Portugal will face the winners of a quarterfinal between Spain and France


Bilek says that "two-and-a-half years ago when I took charge, if someone had told me we'd be in the quarter-finals, after everything that happened in qualifying, I wouldn't have believed them."


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