"Having completed his training for a fight with Tony Thompson, Volodymyr Klitschko left the training camp and arrived in Bern" 


Ukrainian footballers were not included in the list


According to FC Director General, Andriy needs to weigh everything and consult with his family


Spain’s domination of European football can’t last forever, but last night proved their years’ long status as top dog might still have a while to run

The long and winding road that was Euro 2012 ended at the destination that had long been predicted, with a very convincing Spain win over Italy 4-0

UEFA policing of what it considers unacceptable conduct by fans and players appeared to reach a new level in Euro 2012


Olympic Stadium is expected to be filled to the rafters at game time tonight but estimates of 500,000 visitors to Kyiv today promoted by Ukrainian officials appears high

After the official ceremony, the Spanish team boarded a bus and headed for the Opera Hotel

"We want to try to enforce our rhythm on Italy. It will be important to seize the initiative and try to force Italy to drop deep with our game. We want to act, not react"


Spain coach says he did not care who Spain face in the final


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