Russia would give Ukraine production concessions in Russia in return for pipeline control KYIV, June 13, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- Russia proposes establishment of a joint venture with Ukraine on a
Suspended since 1995, revival of production would require firm orders for substantial numbers of aircraft MOSCOW, June 12, 2010 (UBO) – Recent reports in the Russia media have suggested substantial pr
KYIV, June 11, 2010 (UBO) -- On Thursday, June 10, the stock values of Astarta, Kernel, and MHP grew while the stocks of Sintal, Agroton, and MCB Agricole declined in value. Despite the growth of oil
Analysts see continued government support as holding action as government negotiates cooperation with Russia KYIV, June 10, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Cabinet of Ministers has selected 34 aircra
Gang allegedly carried at least five raider attacks enterprises and institutions in 2006-08 KYIV, June 11, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Criminal Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’
On Tuesday, June 8, the UA Index decreased slightly with quotes on the majority of Ukrainian agro-holdings remaining unchanged. The only exceptions were Kernel and MHP whose shares fell slightly. The
Huge award likely to further complicate Naftogaz’ difficult financial situation KYIV, June 8, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in a June 8 ru
First change since rate set at 10.25 percent on August 12, 2009 KYIV, June 8, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has lowered from June 8 the discount rate to 9.5 percent f
Government officials delaying EURO 2012 deals “will be looking for other jobs," Kolesnikov says News and commentary from Ukraine Business Online KYIV, June 8, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Cabinet
UAIndex Summary for Monday, June 7, 2010: On Friday, June 04, the Ukraine Ag-Gregated Index strengthened slightly due to decline of oil quotes. The stock values of Astarta, Kernel, and Mriya increased
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