The group's Hungary-based arm will establish an operating base in Kyiv with one Airbus A320 initially operating eight routes.


Maintaining and supporting the comeback of the vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes is one of the highlights of the recently started five-year rewilding activities financed by the Swiss-based Fondation Segré. The Eastern Rhodopes is also the most important breeding site for the globally threatened Egyptian Vulture on the Balkan peninsula.



Looking for an interesting place for a week-end get away? UBO’s Ivanna Kardash suggests you could do a lot worse than Ivano-Frankivsk, one of Western Ukraine’s most beautiful and historic locations.


Note: For a gallery of photos of Ivano-Frankivsk attractions, access the Ukraine Business Online Facebook page

Ukraine is beautiful. Ukraine has really diverse scenery – from endless sun-kissed steps to rocky Carpathian mounts; mighty flowing rivers to hidden bays with warm sandy beaches.

Over 20 years ago, Boeing made a bet of technology with its medium-sized Dreamliner while Airbus made a huge bet on its double-decker Superjumbo A380. In its seventh year in operation, the A380 that cost $US25 billion to develop threatens to become a costly misstep.


< Photo: Emirates seems the A380s only friend as most airlines prefer smaller planes


The space industry explains the denial to issue visas with political reasons and have already informed the Russian MFA of what happened



“International flights are suspended, I am not ready to say what is the reason for such suspension; it may be warnings from international airline companies,” Sokolov said.

In the recent years, Crimea has been visited by 6 million tourists a year (official data, yet again), of which 65-70% were guests from continental Ukraine. The amount of Russians was only 20%. 

As such, this year we predictably see how the tourist flow has waned, first and foremost because few Ukrainians go to the peninsula. According to official data, there were only 300 thousand of them. It is quite difficult to say who came to Crimea for leisure. Many had business here, which they were reluctant to share with the border workers


Three million is the number that allow the industry to remain stable and profitable, therefore we are talking about this number exactly. If the current tendencies of tourist flow are preserved, we may surpass these three million,” noted the Minister.


Last year 5,9 million tourists visited Crimea.


The decision with the train, which Russian Railways specifically launched to circumvent continental Ukraine, makes the already difficult situation with the ferry even more complicated.


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