Participants discussed issues related to the history of Islam, cultural phenomena, intellectual developments, Islamic philosophy, and theology.

Cardinal Sandri’s [pictured] visit was described as a gesture of the love of Pope Francis for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and includes a series of events planned in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zarvanytsia, and Lviv.

As noted by the faithful, for them it was a truly historic day, since no Head of the UGCC had ever been there before.



Photo courtesy UGCC

Adrian Kotlyarski, a monk with knowledge of the church’s history said that after it was seized by Soviet authorities: “They made a toilet there. Precisely in the place where the altar was located. It is clear that by doing so, they wanted to emphasize their disdain for religion.”


Dear Vladyka, You are the beloved of God. Today, He shows how He loves you and had loved you already before the creation of the world,” said the first hierarch. 


Photo courtesy UGCC

In his first episcopal speech, the newly ordained bishop appealed to the faithful: “Tell me how to be a good shepherd, and I will try to be an instrument of peace and good in the hands of God.”

The UGCC believes that the concept of gender in the legislation of Ukraine through the Istanbul Convention can be interpreted not in the sense of equality of women and men, but in the interests of those who identify themselves as women or men. This will distort the understanding and practical implementation of all legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of gender policy of the state.

Ukrainian dance troupe Light Balance performed in the dark with neon lights on their clothing that flashed to the beat of the music. Host Tyra Banks pressed her “Golden Buzzer,” sending them straight to the live rounds.

A museum acknowledges an artist it features was a serial sexual abuser – it’s very rare for the art world to put work in this context, writes Fisun Güner.


Photo: The murder of Joe Orton by the artist Kenneth Halliwell was dramatised by Stephen Frears in the 1987 film Prick Up Your Ears (Credit: Alamy)

In the first days after the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, about 2,000 people were executed. It now appears that the remains of some of these victims have been found at a site that came to be known as the Lutsk prison massacre.


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