Repairs are expected to take a month and will require substantial investment.


The dedication ceremony included an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis

Patriarch Svyatoslav cited the words of St. John Paul II, who during his stay in Przemysl in July 1991 said: “With such a sincere joy, brothers and sisters, it is that I seek reconciliation and true brotherhood between Ukrainians and Poles. Today everything is calling us to reconciliation, brotherhood, and mutual respect, to search for what unites us.”


Modern Russia’s artists cannot remember a single famous sexual harassment lawsuit filed by an abused actress.


The prayer service was led by the Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) of the UGCC. His Beatitude Sviatoslav solemnly proclaimed St. John Paul II the heavenly patron of the “spiritual path of Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation.”


The Pope approved the decree of Ukrainian capuchin Serafín Kaszuba, for his heroic testimony of faith in the Soviet Union. Also approved was Ukrainian Elżbieta Róża Czacka, who founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Servants of the Cross in 1918.


Patriarch Sviatoslav: “The arguments of the historical past should be involved only in order to avoid the sins of the past in our future.”



Many Russians still follow the pre-Christian Pagan religions such as the Mari Traditional Religion community of Mari-Turek area 

Many Poles see Islam as a threat. The conservative government, which enjoys the backing of a sizable portion of the population, refuses to welcome migrants to Poland, which has very few Muslims of its own.


“I, for one, will never shy away from saying that I share communion with Roman Catholics, but I am not a Roman Catholic and I do not want to be one. To paraphrase my own Patriarch’s words, I am Orthodox, with Orthodox theology, liturgy, spirituality, and canonical tradition, who chooses to manifest this Orthodoxy in the spirit of the first Christian millennium, in communion with Rome.”

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