“On the one hand,” she says, “[Putin] will be forced to maintain the mechanism of the survival of the system by using Western resources without which [many parts of the Russian economy] can’t work.”  And “on the other, Putin wants to turn the country to the past, “to return Russia to traditional and archaic values,” including the idea that it is “a besieged fortress.”

[Goldman Sachs head of investment research Steve] Strongin stressed that it’s possible that one or a few of the currently-existent cryptocurrencies could emerge from the so-called “speculative bubbles” as the crypto-equivalents of Amazon and Google, but he said that it’s unlikely that most coins will ever recover to their recent all-time highs.


“…the Kremlin’s interference in the American elections ‘has changed the situation’ and in fundamental ways.  By doing that, Putin ‘personally’ has completely undermined the basis of his power; and he has ensured that the Americans will never forgive him for what he has done, however much fake news he and his friends put out.”

“For Russia,” [Viktor Kamenev] argues, “it is important that this war of the special services in America have an impact on the Ukrainian question.” The American neo-cons want a war in Ukraine.  “Trump in contrast is not interested now in a military escalation in Ukraine: it can interfere with his suppression of those pursuing him. Therefore, now he is ours.” (emphasis added)



No one for a second thinks that things in the upcoming Russian presidential election might get out of hand and someone other than Vladimir Putin might have one chance in a million of becoming president. However, the reins on candidates have been loosened to the point that one well-known perennial candidate is calling for giving Crimea back to its rightful owner and for good measure halting armed aggression in the Donbas. Another candidate has decided that her best campaign tool is a promise to legalize the use of marijuana. The show will go on – at least through election day – and then Russians will go back to watching the same old television shows that are slightly better-scripted than the game of charades that passes for free elections in Russia.


Putin’s dreams of a great new empire centered on Crimea is already costing the Russian state budget over a hundred billion rubles a year with figures almost certain to keep growing indefinitely.

The Russian government has banned screenings of a British comedy about Josef Stalin. In doing so, it incapacitates the Russian people and stifles any possibility of dealing with the past, says DW's Miodrag Soric.

McAfee’s bitcoin prediction is not all that he has stated in his tweets though. He has claimed that if bitcoin does not reach his price target by the end of 2020, he will proceed to “eat his d**k on national television.”


Analyst: “[Trump’s] Russia foreign policy team consists of neo-conservative hawks, including Kurt Volker, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary James Mattis. So their statements and actions in the coming days will help to determine whether Russia-allied saboteurs are working within the high ranks of the U.S. government.”


Analyst: While some are interpreting this latest move on sanctions as Trump revealing his Russophile leanings (even by news agencies such as Reuters), we are confident that he has largely handed control of his foreign policy to neoconservatives who are hawks on Russia, including Volker and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.


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