Kseniya Kirillova says, with most Russians accepting the idea, backed by the Kremlin, that someone born in Russia “forever remains ‘the property’ of this country.”


Photo: A 1907 painting by Boris Kustodiev depicting the muzhiks listening to the proclamation of the Emancipation Manifesto in 1861 


David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, at a meeting with the Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in Kyiv on Sept. 13.


Analyst: “Poroshenko is expecting that Western authorities will turn a blind eye to these methods because they need him in the war against Russia. However, we believe U.S. officials are using politicians like Saakashvili to keep Poroshenko in line.”


How do you tell Russia’s KGB successor organization – the FSB – from Russia’s criminal underworld? The only truthful answer is – You don’t! You can’t make the distinction because for all practical purposes there is none. And so long as a certain former KGB colonel sits atop the Russian power vertical, that fact is almost certain to remain unchanged.

Bekeshkina: “If their land is to be Ukraine, then they will accept Ukraine. If it will be Russia, they will accept Russia. But they already understand now that Russia doesn’t want them and therefore they would like to return to their former lives.”


What is the best possible way to get yourself in trouble these days in the Russian Federation? Based on recent evidence, you can place a very safe bet that if you have anything nice to say about any of an endlessly long list of enemies of the Putin regime, then all you have to do is sit back and wait while the appropriate prosecutorial authorities come looking for you. In today’s Daily Vertical podcast, Brian Whitmore provides a classic example of just how the process works.


The SOVA director recalls that he recently heard one Orthodox priest in Moscow deliver a homily in which he said Russians must prepare themselves for Armageddon and must be ready “to kill their enemies, including Jews and Jewish children.  This will be very difficult, he said, but it has to be done because otherwise God’s will won’t be fulfilled.”


Putin and the LNR/DNR leaders: "My envoys for direct contact with Kyiv."


Political caricature by Oleksii Kustovskyi 


We talk a good bit about Vladimir Putin – but there’s a very good reason for that. The regime led by Putin continues its efforts to weaken any country – Ukraine in particular – that shows itself to be a functioning democracy that serves the needs of its people – something that the Russian Federation is not now – and will not be – so long as Putin and his cronies run the show.


Analyst: “We view it as possible that the EU could begin to relax sanctions next year as Russia remains stubborn and EU businesses continue to lose opportunities.


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