Ukraine claimed mixed relay orienteering gold


The face of the medals features The World Games logo, while the reverse displays original work by Professor Mateusz Dworski.

Bubka will be part of the group tasked with overseeing preparations for the Games in the Belarusian capital, the second edition of the event following the inaugural competition in Baku in 2015.


Every athlete at last year's European Championships in Amsterdam wore a bib claiming they competed clean 


Taking back prize money and awards from those who breach anti-doping rules are among the main points.


Organisers also announced the start of an open competition to find the mascot for the 2019 European Games. BelTA has claimed the contest will be open to everyone, with applications set to close on November 15 of this year.


Garry Kasparov’s plan to return to active chess competition may be blocked by ethics concerns related to his alleged bribes in a previous FIDE election


Ukraine’s stunning addition to the list of serious contenders at Wimbledon is concentrating on her tennis career – and promoting cricket in Ukraine. That could have something to do with her relationship with Hampshire and England bowler Reece Topley.

Wiesław Włodek, vice-president of the Polish Postal Service Board: "We feel that issuing this commemorative stamp will allow us to contribute to the prestige of the Games and it can serve as a unique addition to the campaign to promote Wroclaw and Poland.


Both laboratories have until July 20 to file appeals against the decision.


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