Photo: All-Russia Athletic Federation head Dmitry Shlyakhtin said last month that long jumper Darya Klishina met the criteria [only one of two]

Nope, we couldn’t make this stuff up. Yes, there was a very long time ago an Olympic event known as club swinging. This ended in 1932 before most of us were born and there seems to be no constituency for bringing this winner back to life.


Photo: Club Swinging at the Royal Navy Training School. Photo Credit: E. Phillips/Fox Photos/Getty Images


Ukrainian powerlifter Mariana Shevchuk has been stripped of her junior world record [file photo]

A Ukraine men’s 1-2-3 highlight of event at Châteauroux


German Trainer Captain Viebig of the Hanover Cavalry School, 1936 Dressage Gold Medal Winner Photo Credit: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images


Pigeon Shooting in 1825 (not at the Olympics). Photo Credit Hulton Archive

Photo: Russian DanceSport Union President Irina Petrova, left, has been told she must step down if her organisation is to avoid expulsion from the World DanceSport Federation  - Photo courtesy WDSF 


A blanket ban on Russian competitors taking part at this year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro could be demanded by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) if accusations of an orchestrated and state-supported doping scheme at Sochi 2014 are proven, the body's President Sir Craig Reedie [in photo] claimed here on June 20.


Two-time Paralympic Games champion in the F12 category, Oksana Zubkovska, surprised with second place, also posting an Olympic standard of 6.70m in her sixth attempt. The 34-year-old beat Anna Kornuta, who finished the competition with the same result after having only one successful jump in the first round.


As Brian Whitmore points out in this Daily Vertical, there is no doubt that the behavior of Russian football hooligans in France is state encouraged and supported. And that must lead to the next question, i.e. why should there be any doubt in anyone’s mind that FIFA should be seriously rethinking its assignment of hosting duties for the 2018 World Cup to what is rapidly become exposed as a rogue nation?


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