The stadia are ready and there has been a great deal of investment in security and infrastructure ahead of the World Cup warm-up in Russia. The only thing missing so far, is interest in the competition.


The competition will take place at the Liko Sports Center, Ukraine’s only center for Olympic diving training and the base of the national diving team


Russian fencers have been cleared to compete internationally


Under the Integrity Code of Conduct, the Tribunal will hear and decide all IAAF breaches and has the power to impose sanctions.


Photo: Michael Beloff

A total of nine countries - -     Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, China and Moldova – that have recorded three or more positives following IOC retests are due to receive a year suspension from all IWF events once a Court of Arbitration for Sport-mediated process is completed.


Photo: Poland's Tomasz Zielinski has been promoted from ninth to the bronze medal at London 2012 after so many rivals in front of him tested positive for banned drugs.


Ukraine’s Oleh Omelchuk claimed his fifth World Cup gold medal in the men’s 50m pistol event


(ISSF photo)


Brett Clothier is one of Australia’s leading sport integrity professionals. He established and led the Australian Football League (AFL)’s Integrity Unit for more than eight years, positioning the AFL as one of the first organisations worldwide to monitor doping alongside match-fixing and other integrity issues.


NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has said, however, that officials are not going to change their minds


Photo:  Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) President Alexander Zhukov 


Thomas Bach defends the IOC's record on doping problems

WADA: "Mr Ivlev [in photo] is one of the independent members of the Board, a key requirement for the position, as outlined in RUSADA’s roadmap to re-compliance."


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