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In the latest Hsu Untied podcast, Turow talks about Testimony, which Jeffrey Toobin says “is Scott Turow’s most ambitious and complex work—which takes us from the gritty familiarity of his beloved Kindle County into a mysterious world of international intrigue.


If you want to understand the world today and the depth of Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, this is the book you need to read.

“For every poet, it is always morning in the world,” he said. “History a forgotten, insomniac night; History and elemental awe are always our early beginning, because the fate of poetry is to fall in love with the world, in spite of History.” 


Analyst: “Provided there won’t be a government crisis in Ukraine in the coming weeks, we still believe there is a very high chance for Ukraine to get the next IMF tranche in March.”


< The Anne Frank guide training in Ukraine


Since 2002, the Anne Frank House has been active in Ukraine. With support of the Dutch government the travelling Anne Frank exhibition was shown in dozens of cities in all parts of the country. As a follow-up, in 2008 the Anne Frank House and its Ukrainian partners started a large scale project for teachers and journalists. It includes a book publishing programme and trainings on the promotion of tolerance.


The Kremlin is backing a new Russian film depicting a popular account of Soviet heroism during World War II. When the director of the Russian State Archive revealed last year that the story is actually a myth of Soviet propaganda, he was sacked.


< Vasyl Makhno


Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Harriman Institute Atrium (12th Floor IAB, 420 West 118th St., NYC)

This event is free and open to the public.


Under the current EU rules, member states are not allowed to apply reduced VAT rates to e-books and digital newspapers. The commission proposes to change that (Photo Michael Mol)


Michael Willard: Extra Wives 2016/11/22 0:08:42

A couple of days ago my sixth novel, “Extra Wives” was released.  I know that’s not big news because I tend to write at least a book a year whether I want to or not. But this one is personal and kind of special to me.


If you get a chance to order a copy, I appreciate it. My dog Sparky would like to move up from eating that disgusting Purina mix to premium Kal-Kan. If you get a chance to review it, it would be wonderful.  If you get a chance to recommend it to friends, I will come over and mow your grass and make sure your recyclables are properly separated. (I guess this last point is problematical in Ukraine)

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