In a merciless, and somewhat exaggerated, book, The Man without a Face, asha Gessen has written of Putin as a gangster, vulgar, cruel, emotionless figure who imprisoned opponents and is guilty of or involved in murder of critics, including Alexander Litvinenko in London and Anna Politkovskaya, Sergei Magnitsky, and Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. Gessen also accuses Putin of amassing personal wealth, almost a kleptomaniac, greedily involved in embezzling state funds as the godfather of a Mafia clan ruling the country.




AUGUST 24, 2016

The blatantly anti-female statement by the mufti was echoed by some conservative elements in the Russian Orthodox Church. Well-known reactionary Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin – long close to Patriarch Kirill - said that "feminism is a 20th century lie" and that it is not necessary to practice FGM on Orthodox women because "they are not debauched anyway."


Photo: Ismail Berdiyev, mufti of Russia's North Caucasus Muslim Coordination Center



“We have to provide Crimean Tatars with a right for self-identification within the united Ukrainian state. It is something that we owe to the Crimean Tatars. Ukrainian authorities should have done this 20 years ago, so we would not have the situation we have now,” said Poroshenko.


Retired British and NATO General Richard Shirreff [in photo] briefs DW on the NATO summit, and his cautionary work of fiction that envisages a full-scale war with Russia. His verdict the alliance isn't yet doing enough.

So much for the classics; time to break open the juicy stuff


The book includes analysis of Moscow’s support of right-wing, ultranationalist and extremist organizations in Europe, how they are funded and used in the West, and Russia’s propaganda machine and the main arguments of Russian propaganda spread by “Putin’s friends” in Europe. 


Whether through poems or novels, essays or opera librettos, Marcel Beyer [in photo] has continually pursued his exploration of language; the author "masters the epic panorama just as well as poetic microscopy," declared the jury of the award.


Sean Guillory and James Harris discuss one of the more interesting – and certainly one of the bloodiest periods – of Soviet history in “From Great Fear to the Great Terror”


The documentary "Liberating a Continent" is a subtly provocative refutation of what our secularized elites believe about what truly drives history and how Christianity impacts the world.


Photo: Saint John Paul II


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