“I continue to invoke from the Lord peace for the dear Ukrainian land,” assured Pope Francis at the General Audience of May 24, 2017.

The parishes loyal to the Kyiv Patriarchate are more active and larger than the Moscow ones, he continues, a reflection of the fact that Ukrainians identify with the former rather than the latter according to sociological surveys. A recent study found only 17 percent of Ukrainian believers identify with the Moscow Patriarchate while 46 percent do so as part of the Kyiv one.


< Archhbishop Yevstraty Zorya


Ukraine’s largest statue of Lenin comes down 

Over 1,000 Belz Hasidim recently visited the Western Ukrainian city of their origin

The nominee Bishop Edward is a native of the region, having been born in Mostyska, Lviv region

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< Illustration by Abner Dean of George Orwell’s 1984 for Life magazine, July 4, 1949


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For over a hundred years, there have been expeditions that discovered strands of Judaism far outside the main, perhaps none more unusual than the Jews of Yemen.


Participants will include philosophers, religious scholars and historians from Ukraine and a number of foreign countries


<The conference will be held in the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion


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Company Towns: Definition, Characteristic Features, and Decline (Ukrainian Historical Journal) (in Ukrainian)

April 15, 2017

Volodymyr Kulikov examined the characteristic features of company towns based on case studies from Ukraine and the United States in the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In May 1942, there were over 1,540 local Jewish residents and refugees in Belz. On June 2, 1942, 1,000 Jews were deported to Hrubieszów and from there to the Sobibór extermination camp.

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