As Poland marks the 50th anniversary of a notorious anti-Semitic campaign, some of its leaders call for a clampdown on historical debate and speak darkly about enemies within. The echoes of '68 are hard to ignore.


The Commission on the Observance of Religious Freedoms United States has analyzed how these freedoms are respected in Russia, and, as a result, suggested that Russia be included in the list of nominees for sanctions.

Diplomat Chiune Sugihara gave visas to thousands of Jewish refugees after Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he was "really very proud of him."



“The third figure I want to mention is Cardinal Lubomyr Husar. We became cardinals on the same day. He was not only the Father and Head of your Church, but also a leader, an elder brother. Many people remember his love and perceptible prayerful presence until the very end,” said Pope Francis at the UGCC cathedral in Rome.


In a recent post on his VKontakte page, the bishop [Bishop Yevtikhiy] said that “if you consider that there is light within you … then voting for the dark” is totally unacceptable.  By his remarks about the similarity between communism and Christianity, Yevtikhiy added, Putin had shown himself to be not of the light but of the dark. [file photo**]



Celebrating Two Christmases 2018/1/22 14:46:45

Shifting Orthodox Christmas to December in Ukraine would symbolize a distancing from the Russian Orthodox Church and thus from Russia herself. It would mean a rapprochement with the West...


"...the Nativity scene in Ternopil is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine. It has been installed for thirteen years in a row."

Yudovin’s theatrical sketches, created for the theater studio at the Yakov Sverdlov Jewish House of Education — one of the last Jewish cultural organizations in pre-war Leningrad — form another notable series at the exhibit. In 1934 and 1936, the painter designed the sets for two classic productions: “The Recruits” by Abraham Goldfaden and “The Conscription” by Mendele Mocher Sforim.

If you love Ukrainian Dance and would like to be in the audience – or on stage – you should become a follower of Ukrainian Dance World – and consider whether you want to be an inspired onlooker or take an active role with all the patriotic, physical or psychological advantages such participation can bring. 


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