Putin is “the producer of spectacles in the course of which on the scene under the title ‘Russia and Its Neighbors and Those Further Afield’ are created an atmosphere of fascism and a completely fascist policy is carried out.” If this process is to be stopped, Yakovenko concludes, then “all thinking people in Russia and in the entire world must understand Putinism is Fascism” and having understood must respond in an ‘adequate’ way.”


Photo: Igor Yakovenko

As we are learning in the Trump Jr – Russia situation, the Trump White House and the Kremlin share certain characteristics. Each one is quite fond of lying – but eventually will own up to the truth when it becomes too obvious to be denied. In a Daily Vertical earlier this week, Brian Whitmore pointed to a good example.


One of the most important changes will be the composition of the city’s population. Because two-thirds of gastarbeiters will settle in Moscow, the city will have as many as five million Central Asian residents by 2035. Together with Muslims already there, they will boost the Islamic share of the city’s population to 25-30 percent.


Unfortunately, the Russian analyst says, Stalin is hardly the only Russian leader infected by paranoia.  “Putin’s actions, including his maniacal striving to destroy the independence of Ukraine are also something that people try to give some logical explanation for.” But in fact, Putin “like his predecessor Stalin is simply ill with a serious case of paranoia.”


An article in Novaya gazeta  makes for chilling reading, fully justifying the author’s conclusion that the terrorist regime that Kadyrov is operating means that “in Chechnya, only the dead no longer have anything to fear.”


According to Zhirinovsky, “south-eastern Ukraine and the Russian population will go to Russia, but the north-west will become a nationalist state of seven to eight million people … will become a member of NATO and the European Union.” In this way, “the problem will be concluded: there will be no Ukrainian question!”


The Russian aggression in the Donbas is neither similar nor analogous to the Polish-Ukrainian war. To imply that the former is divine retribution for the latter is to misstate the moral equities, for it has been acknowledged that the Volhynian atrocities were mutual.

In an extensive article this week on the Federal Press portal, Georgy Maksimov notes that “society is condemning the church and its appetites openly,” and the Kremlin is following course. As a result, Patriarch Kirill is under pressure both ‘from below’ and ‘from above.” And many are now acknowledging that he has “many enemies”


Photo: Bishop Tikhon is often referred to as the personal confessor of Russian President Vladimir Putin (Wikipedia)

Aleksandr Golts says, “the experience of 1991 hangs over Putin, when Soviet paratroopers having held conversations with the KGB special forces replied that ‘no, we will not shoot’” at the population.  That fear explains why the Kremlin leader created the National Guard which he believes will “fulfill any order.”

“Putin views any world event, be it the revolution in Ukraine or the elections in France through the prism of this paranoid fear;” and his propaganda machine spreads this “xenophobic hysteria and hatred” through the population. “Thus, for the second time, the illness of one man has become the source of an epidemic of mass psychosis.”

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