Records of temperature that go back far further than 1800s suggest warming of recent decades is out of step with any period over the past millennium


Photo: The sun sets beyond visitors to Liberty Memorial as the temperature hovers around 100F in Kansas City, Missouri, last month. Photograph Charlie Riedel AP

Every morning, former Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson heats up a kettle to begin the day with a glass of warm water. It was from an Ayurveda specialist that she learned about the benefits of doing so — the body supposedly has an easier time absorbing warm water, and it also helps soothe the stomach.


Researchers at the University of São Paulo's Public Health School (FSP-USP) have discovered that guarana (Paullinia cupana) beats green tea hands down, at least as far as catechins are concerned: the seeds of the tropical shrub, used in fizzy drinks that are among the most popular in Brazil, as well as in over-the-counter supplements, contain more than ten times the amount of catechins found in green tea. (ex AAAS) 

“These cells travelled across the body to the brain or other organs but were undetectable at the micro level. When they become detectable, it is too late for treatment.”


Photo: Superficial spreading melanoma arising from a dysplastic nevus / Wikipedia commons

In spite of all the hype about energy drinks and other allegedly superior products as an aid to health and fitness, one of the most important elements is – water, without any expensive and unnecessary additives


UBO: This strikes us as a great idea that Ukraine should seriously consider. Ukrainian youngsters demonstrate their superior IT skills every day. This might be an excellent opportunity to channel a lot of young talent in the right direction


Photo: Students during a coding class at the First Code Academy in Hong Kong. Photo Xaume Olleros


Russia has been rocked by several outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in the first two weeks of August, the country’s veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor claims. Efforts are underway to insure the outbreak doesn’t spread to Ukraine and Belarus.



As we strive for an Aids-free generation, we must help people adhere to antiretroviral treatment to stop them developing resistance


Photo: A mother holds her antiretroviral drugs, Triomune, at a HIV testing and treatment clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian


With the 2018 World Cup just around the corner meaning that tens of thousands of sports fans will be invading Russia, the world needs to take note of Russia’s abysmal record in handling its exploding HIV/AIDS problems. Do these people really want to visit Russia “with infection rates now higher in the Russian Federation than they are in Uganda or Zimbabwe”?


Genetically modified organisms and foods are a safe way to meet the demands of a ballooning global population, the 109 laureates wrote in a letter posted online and officially unveiled at a news conference Thursday in Washington.


Photo: Golden Rice grain compared to white rice grain in screenhouse of Golden Rice plants. Photo: Isagani Serrano




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