President Petro Poroshenko: "We will continue to pave the way for reintegration of the occupied Ukrainian lands through political and diplomatic steps."

Whether acquisition of SuperCobras [pictured] would be a good choice for Ukraine is uncertain but it does seem an option worth serious investigation.


Analyst: “At this point, it’s hard to say whether Poroshenko will be willing to concede more in the anti-corruption court, or in the gas price hike, in his ultimate deal with the IMF to secure the next loan tranche. And it’s hard to predict what compromises the IMF itself will accept.”

Analyst: “We estimate the 2017 trade deficit will have been USD 6.3 bln, which far exceeds our initial projection of USD 5.6 bln.”


An S-400 air-defense system


Analyst: “Unfortunately, there has also been an uptick in military action in Donbas despite the holiday ceasefire and this can also be expected to intensify.”


Protesters block the border at Rava-Ruska on January 10


“…publication of the ruling itself comes at a time when Ukraine’s law enforcement and judiciary system is already in the international limelight for its poor performance and corruption, and the self-inflicted damage only continues.”


The news special “The Oligarchs” will be telecast on the Al Jazeera network at the following times:


Thursday, January 11 - 20:00 GMT

Friday, January 12 - 12:00 GMT

Saturday, January 13 - 01:00 GMT

Sunday, January 14 - 06:00 GMT


Photo: Yuryy Rossoshanskyy has reportedly admitted to killing Iryna Nozdrovska. Photo courtesy RFE/RL.


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