"The way I see and plan it, the timeline for the new court's creation foresees the president's signature on an anticorruption law by the end of the year," Poroshenko said.


Alyona Zaitseva allegedly killed several people after “jumping a red light at a pedestrian crossing” in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Picture: East2West News


Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia in February 2014. (file photo)

Analyst: “Trubarov's statement confirms what we stated last week, which is that there is little chance for any big privatization this year.”


Photo: “The protesters want all seats to be determined by open-list proportional voting, which would significantly weaken the grip that oligarchs have on the voting system.”

Gutsu wrote that Scherbo raped her in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1991, where the two represented the Soviet Union at a team competition.


On the reform agenda, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law on Pension System reform. The law introduced a hike in the pension age by gradually increasing the minimum working age requirement from 15 years to 35 years by 2028.  This measure should make the pension system more sustainable over time. Another important development was the agreement by President Poroshenko to form a working group to find a compromise about the creation of independent anti-corruption courts, a measure he had opposed earlier.

Analyst: “…we share Danyliuk’s optimism about Ukraine getting its second IMF tranche this year (out of four total tranches granted so far by the EFF program), expecting it will be USD 1 bln instead of the USD 1.9 bln that was scheduled.”


Marchers in Kyiv on October 14 marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UPA. 


Analyst: “…Ukrainians would have to prevent Poroshenko from being re-elected in 2019. Otherwise, the country’s stagnation will continue for another five years.”


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