Photo: A soldier from Ukraine's 1st Battalion, 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade engages opposing force role players during a battalionwide training exercise at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center on the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, near Yavoriv, Ukraine, on March 29.

(Photo by Sgt. Anthony Jones, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team)


“According to the poll results, 76% of Ukraine's population is convinced that Crimea should belong to Ukraine, 4% of respondents think it should belong to Russia and 12% of respondents believe that Crimea should be independent.”


Analyst: “This is the umpteenth time a ceasefire has been declared and we see no reason for optimism this time around.”


March 12, 2017 | Donetsk region, Ukraine | Ivan Silver (his nom de guerre), the commander of the blockade at the Kryvyi Torets railway station, stands guard as night falls.


Photo: Oksana Parafeniuk for US News and World Report


Gains were driven by enterprise profit tax revenue (4.9x surge), revenue from state property (2.8x jump), personal income tax collections (36.0% yoy growth) and rent on mineral extraction (29.8% yoy growth). 


“Surprising in my mind - as I assumed the annexation of Crimea had a material impact on ability to pay…”

Analyst: “Despite the postponement of the IMF loan tranche, we still expect this year at least USD 1.0 bln from the IMF and EUR 0.6 bln from the EU.”


The letter X was painted on the Star of David emblazoned on the monument near the western city of Ternopil.

The President told assembled troops, “You serve Ukrainian people honestly, qualitatively and selflessly,” during visit to the territorial command of the National Guard and the command of the National Guard in the ATO area.



“The events may mean that Vladimir Putin has launched ‘a major diversion’ in preparation for an expansion of his attacks on Ukraine.”


Photo: Avraam Shmulyevich

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