Analyst: “…these alleged incidents targeting Grytsenko and Tymoshenko’s campaigns are merely the beginning of what we have expected from the outset to be a vicious, dirty election campaign.”

When the NKVD rounded up the Crimean Tatars and loaded them onto box cars for deportation to the wilds of Central Asia, the officers in Stalin’s secret police missed those who were living in three coastal villages.  That presented a problem: if they reported their mistake, they’d be exiled as well, and if they shot those people, they’d have to account for the bullets. So, Stalin’s NKVD detachments on the ground came up with a horrific “solution.” They loaded up the Crimean Tatars in these three villages onto garbage scows and had them pulled out into the deep waters of the Black Sea. There, the Soviet police beat them to death and tossed their bodies into the water.


Analyst: “…we still believe Ukrainian decision-makers will find some way to adhere to IMF recommendations on the anti-corruption court, even if barely so, and will find common ground on the other outstanding issues in the coming month.”

The reason Moscow has formed these death squad-like detachments in occupied Crimea, Shmulyevich says, is that they can be used there, shifted to Russia itself, or used in the event of a war. They can suppress dissent on the Ukrainian peninsula, they can attack demonstrators in Russia, and they can become a target in the event of a war.”


Analyst: “We project a 6.1% YTD monetary base increase in 2018 (vs. 4.6% YTD in 2017) on the back of limited budget deficit financing and potential gross reserves accumulation.”

Analyst: “We still expect the legislation’s approval in line with Western requirements. If that doesn’t happen and Ukraine fails to qualify for the IMF loan tranche, we don’t think Poroshenko will succeed in shifting the blame to parliament. In that scenario, we expect his poll ratings, already collapsing, will be irreparably ruined.”


Map detailing the military situation in the combat zone of eastern Ukraine as provided by the Ukraine Ministry of Defense



Analyst: “…continuing demand for long-term bonds points to an increased share of market participants who are ready to invest in UAH-denominated instruments. This is a sign of increased stability on Ukraine’s financial market.”


Analyst: “While justice needs to be pursued in this manner, the looming specter of such payments – let alone criminal charges – will only prompt the Russian government to double down in its resistance and hostility towards the global community.”


Most widely held and traded Ukrainian stock, Ferrexpo, finished the week with an overall 1.7% increase


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