Ukraine: Vegoil trade risks 2017/6/24 19:13:29

Ukraine expert: "Almost the whole harvest of sunflower we process inside the country. We do not export more than 2-3% of seeds. At the same time, we have much more processing capacity than harvest volumes. Now processing of sunflower seeds has capacities of 19 million tons, but they are loaded by 14 million tons.”



“Cadogan Petroleum is an independent oil & gas company…The Group’s current E&P assets are in the Carpathian basin in West of Ukraine and the Po Valley in Northern Italy, both of which are proven hydrocarbon basins. Cadogan also has a 15% carried interest in a shale gas project in Ukraine operated by eni.”


The poll suggests Ukraine's 2017/18 exports will fall to 14.6 million tonnes from the USDA's 17.8-million-tonne estimate for this year, while the 2017 crop is forecast at 24.5 million tonnes, down 8.6 percent year-on-year.


The Nuclear Cooperation Agreement enables Australia to export uranium to Ukraine, one of the world's top ten generators of nuclear power.


Analyst: “We are keeping unchanged our expectation of Ferrexpo’s 11.3 mmt of pellet output in 2017 (a 0.9% yoy increase). We retain our neutral view on Ferrexpo Eurobonds.”


Following the takeover, the NBU announced that as much as 100 percent of Privatbank’s loans had gone to its own shareholders, indicating that the owners were enriching themselves while endangering the savings of millions of Ukrainians.


Analyst: “The monitoring of procurements by top management - with the help of law enforcement bodies - may lead to significant progress in cost-cutting, which could reach as high as hundreds of millions of hryvnias, as estimated by prosecutors. We retain our neutral view on RAILUA bonds.”


Analyst: “We expect industrial companies will use all their lobbying ability to prevent such a rule. So far, we are keeping our neutral view on RAILUA bonds.”


The announcement, which had earlier been predicted by analysts, came in an official publication by the company transmitted to the media by e-mail tonight.


Ukrainian farmers are always looking for alternative crops. However, are they really ready – as some Italian farmers have done – to embrace commercial production of snails to harvest their slime for cosmetics? Why Ukraine? Simple, snails absolutely adore sunflowers as a feed source; Ukraine would be a natural.

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