The current high prices of gold are making many Chinese investors hesitant on investing. According to Lee Cheong Gold Dealers chief dealer Ronald Leung, a rise in gold buying may occur if the prices come down to $1,320 or $1,330 per ounce. As of writing, the benchmark spot gold had a 0.3 percent drop, reaching $1,345.22 per ounce. It is also 0.4 percent lower for the week thus far. 



The world is increasingly aware just how dangerous it is to become widely known as “crypto-wealthy.” Refusing to disclose exactly how much Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple one owns goes a long way.

Bosch is a 131-year-old company, yet it’s on the cutting edge of crypto and IOTA’s tangle-style platform. Clearly, the firm desires to go deeper into data rather than stick to its old business model and profit from hardware.


Sergey Medvedev allegedly was an administrator for the Dark Web site Infraud - whose slogan was “In Fraud We Trust” - that dealt primarily in the sale of stolen credit cards and identities and illegally obtained government documents…Infraud was purportedly founded by Ukrainian national Svyatoslav Bondarek in 2010. Bondarek disappeared from online activity in 2015, which is when Medvedev reportedly took control over Infraud.

The Financial Supervisory Service had recently inspected the top six South Korean banks due to their involvement in virtual currency bank transfers. The Korean Customs Service similarly reported $600 million had been found lurking in Korean exchanges with illicit links to organized crime.

Analyst: “…we expect IMC to enjoy strong bottom line results for 2017 and first half 2018. And we remain bullish on its stock, which still has solid potential for mid-term growth.”



Analyst: “…we remain optimistic about Astarta’s mid-term value growth, though this time our optimism is more cautious.”


Ukraine most widely traded stock, Ferrexpo, declines 2.8% on Wednesday -and has declined 3.9% over two sessions on the LSE.

Cryptocurrency is unregulated and a proof of its vulnerability is the recent Coincheck’s loss of $400 million worth of tokens to hackers.



“Novel technology is not the same as better technology or better economics,” [Agustin Carstens (pictured)] said. “That is clearly the case with Bitcoin: while perhaps intended as an alternative payment system with no government involvement, it has become a combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster.”



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