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UBO continues its June e-book extravaganza with a special offering at a new, slimmed-down price of just $1.99, Susan Delgado’s The Airline Food Diet. You’ll enjoy your flight more when you know it’s possible to leave some unwanted pounds on the boarding ramp.

Business in Eastern Europe is different, and all the men and women who tread this road successfully are unusual in a myriad of ways. After a decade and a half on the Ukrainian firing line, Mike Willard tackles the challenges every day and loves it.   

One of our most imaginative and persuasive writers, Hillary Dove, ditched her usual preoccupation with pot boilers to tackle the increasing worldwide problems of teen obesity. Although written especially for weight-conscious teens, Dove’s concepts work for all ages and sexes.

If you want to combine good eating with good health, UBO strongly recommends our second e-Book Month offering, penned by an expert who you how it’s done. You owe it to your body and your taste buds to sample the Santori route to a better life.

Start your summer reading by learning how to save big on booking cruises. The latest e-book offering by an accomplished expert on cruises provides you with information that could save you hundreds of dollars while enriching your cruise experience.

Few cities in the world have a history as varied and colorful as Odessa, Ukraine. Now Charles King, a professor and writer brings the history of Ukraine’s premier port city to life in a way never accomplished before.

Alex Frishberg is a fiction writer who moonlights as a lawyer – or is it the other way round? To give you some idea of how Frishberg melds Ukraine’s unique style of doing business with great fictional writing skills, we offer the first 15 pages of The Steel Barons.

Historical books of interest 2010/12/29 7:05:42

As more of the source records become available, new books continue to appear that give historians and the public a more rounded view of World War II and the major players of the period.

The book is the result of years of research in Paris and in Ukraine by Vita Susak of the Lviv Gallery of Art.

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