Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka claims Tymoshenko treatment outside Ukraine is illegal, continuing the Yanukovych administration’s legalistic attitude toward what most of Ukraine’s diplomatic partners see as very much a political problem

Yulia will die for Ukraine 2012/4/25 9:09:22

“Russia’s puppet governor Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, incapable of seeing Ukraine’s potential as one of the wealthiest nations in Europe and a world player, is now faced with the very real possibility that Yulia will die a martyr.  If Viktor Fedorovych thought his crass, crude, politically sophomoric bullying would win the day then he’s finally about to get a reality-check.”

A not so holy visit 2012/4/22 20:45:29

“The hegemonistic and expansionist policies of the Vladimir Putin government and those of Patriarch Kirill, as head of the Moscow Patriarchate, are different sides of absolutely the same coin. Any former Soviet government that does not recognize – and steadfastly oppose -- this joint attack on its independence and sovereignty is likely to find itself in as bad or worse position of subjugation than it suffered within the Soviet Union.”

“Canonical status is about politics.  It’s about power.  It has nothing to do with God, faith, or loving more and judging less to make a better world.  The Ecumenical Patriarch is afraid of losing Russia’s support.  Hence, he will never extend canonical recognition to a Ukrainian based church out of fear that it will offend Moscow.  It’s not very Christian, but then again Church politics often isn’t.” 

Ukraine’s presidential website should be required reading for all Ukrainian citizens, particularly in an election year

Possible overproduction of corn this year in the United States could indicate better opportunities for soybean profits in Ukraine

Jesep: “Viktor Fedorovych, God made the Dnieper River in a shorter amount of time than it’s taking you to make a decision on Ms. Tymoshenko”

“Regardless of what you think of Ms. Tymoshenko she’s is now a larger than life figure.  If she dies while in prison due to Yanukovych’s earlier show trial she’ll become a heroine of mythical proportions. This is the stuff of Hollywood movies and Broadway musicals.  Think Eva Peron. Evita!”

Khoroshkovsky takes charge 2012/2/24 13:18:45

Hearing the rhetoric and viewing the photos of Valeriy Khoroshkovsky’s first day on the job as first vice prime minister one could not escape the impression this is a man preparing for the top job – perhaps already in it in all but name.

EURO-2012: Ukraine, why bother? 2012/2/11 23:51:09

Pawlowsky: “The decision by 13 of the 16 national football teams who have decided to set up their home base camps in Poland sends a very clear message. Stay away from Ukraine.”

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