Reports say the plane abandoned its initial attempt to land and circled for two hours before crashing at the second attempt.


Ukrainians will be able to skip the visa queues later this year if things go well (Photo: The Hamster Factor)


<Daily flights will be launched following the start of summer air navigation on March 27.


Analyst: “The visa-free regime will inevitably lead to tens of thousands of Ukrainians, at minimum, seeking employment, both legal and illegal, in the Schengen Area.”


Ukraine’s visa-free regime could get caught in the growing backlash against Syrian refugees

Migration Service is ready but still no final action by parliament


Those who died in the Metrojet airliner crash included four Ukrainians along with over 100 Russian nationals


Because so many people had left, everything began to fall into disrepair. That's when I started visiting abandoned buildings, sometimes with friends and sometimes on my own. Then much later, when a friend gave me a digital camera, I was able to capture the beauty of these old places.


<Photo: Debris from crashed Russian jet lies strewn across the sand at the site of the crash, Sinai, Egypt. [Images of the downed plane were released by the office of Egypt's prime minister, who visited the site.]


Egyptian authorities have reportedly dispatched 45 ambulances to the area of the air crash site but unconfirmed comments by security officials suggest there is little prospect of any survivors since the plane appears to have fallen to ground very quickly from 31,000 feet. The crew and passengers are thought to be all Russian with most tourists headed home from a week at Egyptian resorts.

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