Yudovin’s theatrical sketches, created for the theater studio at the Yakov Sverdlov Jewish House of Education — one of the last Jewish cultural organizations in pre-war Leningrad — form another notable series at the exhibit. In 1934 and 1936, the painter designed the sets for two classic productions: “The Recruits” by Abraham Goldfaden and “The Conscription” by Mendele Mocher Sforim.

If you love Ukrainian Dance and would like to be in the audience – or on stage – you should become a follower of Ukrainian Dance World – and consider whether you want to be an inspired onlooker or take an active role with all the patriotic, physical or psychological advantages such participation can bring. 


To reduce the acceptance of corruption among citizens and draw Ukrainians’ attention to the problems of bribery. Such goals have been defined by the Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption network Transparency International and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine in the Memorandum on Cooperation.

“Let us all, each from our own standpoint, personally and collectively, work to de-escalate tension and cultivate dialogue and mutual understanding, so that the dark chapters of the early 20th century will never reappear before us,” he stressed


In his last appearance in St. Peter’s before his historic mission to Myanmar, Pope Francis remembered Ukraine

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Women were pirates, too 2017/11/28 15:23:26

As women take a more prominent place in the world, history teaches us that anyone who doubted what women could do were off-base from the beginning


Illustration: Pirates Ann Bonny and Mary Read depicted in 1724


"Not recognizing the Holodomor is as immoral as denying the Holocaust," the president said.

The museum will pay attention to the phenomenon of salvation of Jews and Roma during the Holocaust and the cooperation of local residents with the Nazis. Berkhoff emphasized that collaborationism was not a specifically Ukrainian phenomenon – this was the case in all the occupied territories.


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