Modern medicine may not have cured the common cold but at least the palliation process assures relief from the worst symptoms. Only about two centuries ago, even the best physicians and procedures could do nothing to avoid the death of the first American president two days after what started as a common cold.


Photo: An illustration of Washington’s imagined deathbed scene, painted about 50 years after his death. (Wikimedia Commons)


“It is the first study to suggest that canola oil does more harm than good for the brain.”

“We have now shown for the first time that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can actually improve the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and correct behavioral deficits associated with the disease.”


Photo: Alzheimer’s affected brain courtesy Australian Families of Military Research Foundation


Photo: “Mark Walsh, head of mission for MSF in Ukraine officially opening MSF’s project with Ivan Dudla, medical specialist from the regional health authorities in Mykolayiv.”


Drinking coffee is 'more likely to benefit health than to harm it' for a range of health outcomes, say researchers. Three or 4 cups a day confers greatest benefit, except in pregnancy and for women at risk of fracture.

A Clue in the Bee Death Mystery 2017/11/29 13:43:22

Insecticides are often blamed, but new signs point to another chemical.


Photo: A rusty-patched bumble bee Credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo/Flickr


Photo: Flowers outside the Dutch embassy in Kyiv after the MH-17 disaster.



Early introduction of peanuts, it appeared, might be lessening the risk of peanut allergies later in life.

Historic Brit Milah to take place at new medical center in the Menorah compound: 'Not a day in the clinic goes by without saving lives.' Here Prof. Aleksandr Rodinsky demonstrates some of the up-to-date equipment.



A wild boar roams through the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.


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