Ivanna Klympush-Tsynadze is Ukraine's deputy Prime Minister in charge of European affairs.

This year, Sea Breeze was very big indeed: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States all took part.


Such measures range from supporting populist parties through disinformation and espionage campaigns to fomenting an attempted coup in Montenegro.


UBO: Ukraine will – quite rightfully – insist that Russia not only agree to a real ceasefire but demonstrate its intentions by the removal of huge volumes of Russian military hardware now implanted in Ukraine sovereign territory.


UBO: The deployment is part of a long-term plan to continuously remind Russia that any attack on NATO members and allies – including Ukraine – will come at an immense cost.


Photo: Four F-15C Eagles fly in March 2016 off the coast of Japan. Seven F-15Cs deployed to Lithuania Tuesday. (Senior Airman Peter Reft, USAF)

In a DW interview, Kurt Volker [pictured] pledges that Washington will not strike a separate deal with Moscow over the heads of Europeans and Ukrainians - but says it is good that all agree the current situation must improve.


President Vladimir Putin and his principal international mouthpiece, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov continue to mouth the demonstrably blatant lie that units of the Russian Ministry of Defense have not been active in Ukraine. Not only have regular army forces been deployed, the Kremlin continues to be the principal paymaster for the separatist thugs who front the two ersatz republics.

“The U.S. government does not recognize the attempted annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and considers Crimea still to be a part of Ukraine.”


It is an honor to lead this delegation from the United States to the great country of Ukraine, said Perry, who leaves Aug. 29. I look forward to strengthening our relationship with such an important ally and furthering our work to ensure energy stability and security in the region.


One wonders just what President Donald Trump has in his mind as he bends over backward attempting to develop a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Perhaps Trump – famous for his own dedicated base of supporters – is envious of Putin’s even more devoted fan base among such groups as the – Night Wolves.


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