“The events may mean that Vladimir Putin has launched ‘a major diversion’ in preparation for an expansion of his attacks on Ukraine.”


Photo: Avraam Shmulyevich

“Until some kind of political breakthrough, there is a risk that chaotic events will continue in Ukraine.”


Photo courtesy censor.net.ua

Most Mejlis members have been forced out of Crimea or face spurious charges by the illegal Russian occupation regime


: Ilmi Umerov, deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatars' self-governing body, the Mejlis

Analyst: “The next few days should indicate whether the Russian government is pursuing an expanded campaign of sabotage to foment instability in Ukraine, or whether this was an isolated incident.”




Denis Voronenkov was reportedly shot as he exited the Premier Palace Hotel in central Kyiv. Photos showing Voronenkov lying dead in the street are being featured on RT and other Moscow news outlets.



After 80 years of searching, descendants of Dmitriy Grechukin has finally determined their ancestor was an NKVD agent whose mass murders were so excessive that it was even too much for Stalin


<Photo: Dmitry Grechukhin


President Trump’s administration remains under scrutiny over potential ties between his associates and Russia in the run-up to the presidential election.


<Paul Manafort 


Ukrainian authorities want to question former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort as part of a corruption case. So far, Manafort has not been charged with a crime but there are questions related to huge allegedly illegal payments he received from the Yanukovych regime


Commenting on the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, the leader of the illegal occupation of Ukrainian Crimea says he sees no alternative and wants to make Putin monarch for life.


UBO: Perhaps the time has come for Viktor Pinchuk to change the name for his annual gabfest, the YES conference. Based on recent public statements and actions, we suggest a retitle as: “YES, Mr. Putin, Whatever You Want”. President Poroshenko reacted to Pinchuk’s statements and actions by saying he would not attend the next YES event. Others should follow Poroshenko’s lead.


<Photo: Monica Crowley*


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