“My forecast for 2018-2019, given that this year is a pre-election year [presidential election are scheduled for the spring of 2019 and general election for the autumn], there will be no significant investments in our country,” Mr Kushniruk told UNIAN. 


Photo: Odesa Seaport Facilities


Analyst: “For 2018, we project a 6.1% YTD monetary base increase (vs. 4.6% YTD in 2017).”


Analyst: “…the quarter is a bit better than our estimate of 2.0% yoy for 2017 GDP growth. We retain our view that real GDP will accelerate to 3.3% yoy in 2018.”



Some reporters are too lazy or too ill-informed to adequately report stories that involve both Russian and Ukrainian actors. Bloomberg does a better job, but even then the information can get buried deep in the article.


Analyst: “In the big picture, this rivalry among Ukraine’s pro-Western forces will only work in the Kremlin’s favor. A Maidan-style protest will not be effective and will more likely lead to chaos in the country as the president’s numerous political opponents are too splintered and have no one to rally around.”


Analyst: Higher global prices for oil, coupled with depreciation of the national currency, drove Ukraine’s gasoline prices higher, pushing public transportation providers to raise their prices even more.

Analyst: “…the evidence on the ground indicates large-scale war is still an option on the table for Russian President Putin in his quest to regain control of the territory of Ukraine.”


Mikheil Saakashvili leads a rally demanding President Petro Poroshenko resign in Kyiv on February 4.



Globally, Ukraine ranked 150th out of 180 total countries in economic freedom, improving 3.8 points owing to gains in 8 out of 12 indicators.



Analyst: “The surge in January residuals was expected after most of the money at the treasury was traditionally spent at the year end.”

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