Analyst: “An effective way to improve the turnout of the Russian-oriented electorate would be to stage some violence directed at Ukraine’s large Russophile minority. The SBU will be working to prevent this, however its success will be limited by the fact that two popular Russian-oriented parties will be actively campaigning.


Although Moscow denies interfering in Ukraine's domestic affairs, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in November 2016 determined the conflict to be "an international armed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation."


Analyst: We don’t expect to see a convincing downward inflationary trend until 2H18. According to our projections, CPI will increase 8.9% YTD, or 11.8% yoy in 2018.

 Ukrainian lawmaker Nadia Savchenko (file photo)


A UN-led peace mission for eastern Ukraine remains Germany's aim, Chancellor Angela Merkel has told Kyiv's President Petro Poroshenko. The two leaders also discussed the underwater gas pipelines from Russia to Europe.


Analyst: “In an election campaign season, the government is also likely to make a populist move by hiking the minimum wage to UAH 4,100 in the middle of 2018 (the state budget currently envisages only one hike to UAH 3,723 as of Jan. 1). We project real disposable income to increase 6-7% yoy in 2018.”


Analyst: “The abundant bond placement in March auctions, which raised UAH 29.0 bln, has enabled the government to take a breather from piling up debt to cover shortages. However, this situation is not likely to last long, as the results of 1Q18 budget revenue collection point to the inability of Ukraine’s economy to ensure smooth budget revenue growth.’”


An alleged Russian “front man” for Equatorial Guinea’s kleptocratic ruling Obiang family counts two notable Ukrainian businessmen among his associates: One is a former security official who was once imprisoned for smuggling missiles to Iran; the other is an arms dealer with business interests throughout Ukraine’s civilian airports.


Photo: An Antonov 32-B plane, now in Equatorial Guinea colors, photographed in December 2012 at Kyiv’s Zhulyany airport. The plane was obtained for the country by Avia Star, a Panamanian company owned by Ukrainian businessman Roman Chelnokov. (Photo: Artem Batuzak)


Viktor Yushchenko, the former Ukrainian president who was poisoned with a toxic chemical has spoken about the effects and hit out at Russia.

Analyst: “Budget collections did not show significant improvement in March. A better situation with tax collection was blemished by weak customs results.”

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