Most of the proceeds from the new bond placement will be used to repay the bonds maturing in 2019 (USD 1.82 bln outstanding) to those who will agree to sell them at a price of 106% of par.


Analyst: “The budget deficit target is lower than what the IMF outlined (2.5% of GDP), meaning that the spending plan has good chances for positive feedback from the IMF.”


Analyst: “Trump is likely to promote more U.S. energy supplies to Ukraine, such as liquefied natural gas, after he brokered a deal with Poroshenko on U.S. anthracite coal.”


Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili speaks to the media in the western city of Lviv on September 12.


“The big inducement is that the current pension draft includes a big hike in pensions from October, so in the current populist mood in Kyiv and the Rada, I doubt that any Rada deputy will want to be left responsible for not getting the pension hike signed off on before the winter.”


Analyst: Poroshenko can’t allow Saakashvili to flout the government’s authority. In this ongoing chess match, each side is going to take careful steps to defend their authority and political support among the public, which could easily disintegrate with one false move. The 2019 elections are at stake.


Akhtem Chiygoz was arrested by Russian-imposed authorities in Crimea in January 2015.


Analyst: “Despite the August deflation, we remain skeptical about the 2017 central bank inflation forecast of 9.1% growth YTD.”


Oleh Sentsov appears in court in Rostov-on-Don in August 2015.


Saakashvili (centre) was surrounded by a large crowd at the border

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