The owner of the vessel is facing confiscation of the vessel, with estimated costs of some 445 mil Hryvnia ($1.7 mil).


A combined 80 percent of Ukrainians nationwide and a combined 73 percent in the Donbas region believe that separatist-controlled areas of the Donbas should remain under Ukrainian control. 

Analyst: “…the best Ukraine can hope for is closer cooperation with the military alliance (without any formal accession), which this legislation seems to accomplish nonetheless.”


Defense-related developments and production, supplies of materiel, logistics, defense policy, and military training are covered by a new agreement

Analyst: “…we believe the Poroshenko administration knows how unlikely the armed mission will be, but it is raising the issue to demonstrate to the public that it is exploring every possible avenue to resolve this armed conflict.”


Photo: OSCE Chair and Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

The incident appears to have no terrorist connection and appears to be considered little more than a prank


“I call on the Government and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine to take additional measures to ensure the security of Jewish sites,” a statement by Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman says.

Analyst: “…we still believe the state debt will not exceed USD 76.3 bln (79.0% of GDP) by the end of 2017.”


Ukrainian authorities have frozen the assets of a business owned by a Scottish shell firm embroiled in a corruption scandal.


President Petro Poroshenko said “the launch of health reform is desirable to push through a vote in parliament before the end of this session” and added, “I, as President, will ensure the strict implementation of this law.”


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