Analyst: “We expect the trade deficit to swell USD 10.8 bln through the end of the year (from USD 2.9 bln in 5M18), assuming an almost even growth pace between exports (we project 11.3% yoy in 2018) and imports (11.5% yoy in 2018).



Analyst: “We take these warnings seriously and see a high potential for widespread civil unrest with a decision to not only grant canonical status to the Kyiv patriarchate, but any attempt to claim the property of the Moscow patriarchate.”

UBO: Based on recent Trump statements and his increasingly obvious preference for dictatorial regimes over longtime friends and allies, we predict that the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit will take on many of the characteristics of the Chamberlain-Hitler meeting and agreement in Munich in September 1938. We fear that Trump is on the verge of throwing Ukraine under the bus, just as Chamberlain did with Czechoslovakia then.


Analyst: “We don’t expect trouble with these last requirements for the next IMF loan tranche.


Analyst: “We do not expect any significant moves in interest rates on local bonds until the situation with receiving the next IMF loan tranche is clarified.”

"Everyone should be equal before the law," the President stressed.

New evidence shows Paul Manafort took $10 million loan from Oleg Deripaska. This puts additional pressure on him to testify against Viktor Yanukovych, other Party of Regions members and possibly some near the top of the Trump administration about related actions.

Jaime Blasco, chief scientist with cybersecurity firm AlienVault said: “It is difficult to contain the impact of a cyberattack within one nation, so it is possible this new threat could spread around the globe.”

UBO: Despite overwhelming sentiment in the U.S. Congress supporting Ukraine’s efforts to regain territory stolen by Russia, evidence mounts that persons in Ukraine tied to disgraced former president Viktor Yanukovych and persons very close to President Trump have worked to advance a pro-Russian plan for much longer than first thought. An article published June 22 in the Fresno Bee further details the evidence that this plan was being seriously considered by top Trump advisors. Claims that President Trump had no knowledge of the proposed plan defy logic.


The most recent decision in the case against Paul Manafort seems certain to put additional pressure on him to turn state’s evidence and testify in court and before Congress on his relations with the Yanukovych administration and his alleged laundering of many millions of dollars for Yanukovych and the Party of Regions. Manafort’s testimony has the potential to affect the outcome of next year’s presidential election in Ukraine.


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