A map of the Power of Siberia pipeline


Analyst: “We are keeping our gross reserves projection unchanged at USD 19.5 bln (4.0 months of imports) by the year end.”


Graphic illustrating actions that are allegedly related to the bankruptcy of Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, PrivatBank

Ukrainian officials have not offered a global estimate of the amount of damage inflicted by the June 27 attack. But in an interview Tuesday with the Associated Press, Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan said the damage at his department alone ran into millions of dollars.

The attack used a virus, dubbed "NotPetya" by some experts, to take down thousands of computers in dozens of countries, disrupting shipping and businesses.


[Ihor] Kolomoisky [pictured], speaking via a news website he owns, said negotiations over the loans started in June and would go on for as long as necessary for the two sides to reach an agreement.


Analyst: “This license issue merely adds to our pessimism about Ukrnafta's future as an integral company.”

Ukrainian beer, vodka and chocolate top the list of items able to enter Canada duty-free.

The impact of naming Molot-Oruzhie, OOO as a sanctioned entity is the blocking of any property or interest in property of Molot-Oruzhie, OOO, in the possession or control of U.S. persons or within the U.S. 


Analyst: “It looks like all the parties responsible for the bank’s nationalization are late with that estimate by more than three months. Such delays may bring additional arguments for those questioning the bail-in, as well as for those questioning the bank's entire nationalization process.”


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