The average trade seems to be expecting more of the same with an expected corn ending stock to be near 2.366 billion bushels; slightly below the October estimate of 2.395 billion bushels. With harvest nearing the end for 2017, the winter doldrums appear to be well set into this market.


"People have done things with crypto and artists before, but this is the first time a global artist has done anything like this," said Kevin Bacon, the CEO of Blockpool, a startup firm partnering with Bjork on the project, according to Musically.

This is the first foreign bank investor in the Moldovan market in ten years



Most widely traded Ukrainian listing Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) slides 3.9% on the LSE


“…BullionVault had seen 30 percent declines in monthly gold trading for October compared to the yearly average. The trend came a gold dipped six percent from one-year highs in early September.”


On the LSE, the thinly traded shares of egg producer Avangardco (AVGR LI) skyrocketed 34.1%.

The chief of the Ukraine Parliament’s Committee on Tax and Customs Policy, Nina Yuzhanina, submitted a bill, known as Bill No. 7246, last week for Parliament’s consideration. The bill seeks to amend the Ukraine’s existing tax policies as they pertain to all cryptocurrency and related blockchain financial products.


In spite of 1.8% downturn in Friday trading, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) closed the week at a 0.9% gain.

The arrival of Kia’s Niro in the top spot for reliability comes as a great surprise – particularly when we see Tesla’s Model 10 heading the list of most unreliable.

Check your wallet or pocket book. How many of those so-called “loyalty cards” are you carrying around and who is paying the cost of those alleged discounts that they bring you? Writing for Born2Invest, finance expert Rodney Johnson suggests consumers should educate themselves on what they need and what they can decline. Johnson shows how today’s megatrends are influencing consumer’s decisions when buying products.

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