The latest commentary by Paul Peter Jesep* takes the form of an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych on the subject of assuring the president’s place in history.

Paul Peter Jesep welcomes the new head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church with the hope that cooperation between the Greek Catholics and the true Ukrainian Orthodox will be able to keep the Moscow Patriachate, anxious to claim and confiscate ancient Ukrainian holy sites, in check. 

Newspapers and magazines around the world have written articles and op-eds concerning the charges brought against former President Leonid Kuchma related to the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze. On March 31 The Economist chimed in with an article sub-titled “What lies behind the charging of a former president”.

Konstantin von Eggert describes himself as an “independent analyst and writer; Izvestia, BBC World Service and Exxon Mobil are among former employers.” Von Eggert pens a weekly column for RIA Novosti, the Russian state news service that is entitled, “Due West”.

Why Kuchma and why now? 2011/3/25 14:28:37

Ukrainians through decades of experience have learned to look behind the curtain in almost all things. The sudden interest of the Prosecutor General in connecting former President Leonid Kuchma with the Gongadze case is one of those things that meets with more than a little skepticism, not regarding Kuchma’s involvement but regarding the reasons this is a hot issue a decade after the crime.

Kyiv – the new Jerusalem 2011/3/24 10:11:10

In the following commentary by Bishop Jesep, he concludes, “Kyiv is the New Jerusalem.  Moscow is the Third Rome.” UBO believes you will find it interesting and thought-provoking reading.   

For most, the short-lived Hungarian revolution of 1956 is ancient history and has little connection with events in Libya today. However, one who has lived during both views the current situation with foreboding.

Bishop Paul Peter Jesep says president does not need approval of Putin, adding, “Nor do you need the approval of the secular Russian Orthodox Church, which is a political tool of Moscow’s subversive foreign policy.” 

The latest estimate includes increased costs of Kyiv’s Olympic Stadium – by 29 percent – to UAH 3,878,430,000. Is it time for Ukrainians to start asking some sharp questions about how much Euro 2012 total costs will be – and who benefits from this huge spending of tax money?

The phenomenon of one MP voting for a considerable number of his colleagues who cannot manage to come to the parliament hall to vote in person should be a national scandal. Instead, Ukrainians citizens just accept it as another manifestation of the Verkhovna Rada’s dysfunctional nature. Now some in the Party of Regions want to legalize this disreputable process.

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