“Regardless of what you think of Ms. Tymoshenko she’s is now a larger than life figure.  If she dies while in prison due to Yanukovych’s earlier show trial she’ll become a heroine of mythical proportions. This is the stuff of Hollywood movies and Broadway musicals.  Think Eva Peron. Evita!”

Khoroshkovsky takes charge 2012/2/24 13:18:45

Hearing the rhetoric and viewing the photos of Valeriy Khoroshkovsky’s first day on the job as first vice prime minister one could not escape the impression this is a man preparing for the top job – perhaps already in it in all but name.

EURO-2012: Ukraine, why bother? 2012/2/11 23:51:09

Pawlowsky: “The decision by 13 of the 16 national football teams who have decided to set up their home base camps in Poland sends a very clear message. Stay away from Ukraine.”

The Bitter Cold Truth 2012/2/7 1:14:10

Pawlowsky: “In Ukraine it always seems to be an us and them kind of attitude. Those who have and those who have nothing, and this is particularly so amongst public officials. Human life, it seems to me, has little or no value to them.”

What If Yulia Dies? 2012/1/24 0:56:38

“Viktor Fedorovych…What are you going to do if Yulia Tymoshenko dies while you’re president? Let me be frank – all hell will break loose.  Never mind the international scorn you’ll receive.  Think about the tens of thousands of people calling for your head.  You’ll be less popular then Marie Antoinette of France.  You know what happened to her, right?  You’ll have no one to blame but yourself and the incompetent bureaucrats that are part of your inner circle.” 

Travel Advisory Euro-2012 2011/9/21 23:25:01

Europeans have very different attitudes towards their police forces than those which Ukrainians have. A recent survey by the Razumkov Center in Kyiv showed that only received 6.4% of respondents supported the activities of the police, and 52.5% did not support them.

Hopefully, this political and economic epiphany will not only translate into sustainable and meaningful actions, but also encourage [Yanukovych] to reconsider and dramatically adjust his misguided relationship with the crafty, Machiavellian Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Similar to the Putin regime, the Russian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate is neither Yanukovych’s friend nor Ukraine’s.        

During the creation of Homo Soveticus, life became cheap…People were belittled, and if not destroyed psychologically they were destroyed physically. Somehow, that trend continues to this day in contemporary Ukraine.

Second in Command – to whom? 2011/9/16 20:31:09

The current Minister of Defense Mykhaylo Yezhel held a press conference where the typical double-speak was employed, though to this day nothing in terms of the attack on General Mozharovsky has been published on the Ministry of Defense news portal.


Bravo Le Figaro! Not so fast! 2011/9/14 15:18:08

The first thing that struck me was the title of the interview drawn from the interview by the author or editor to catch their readers' attention – bravo Le Figaro you did your job; I'm certain you caught the attention of many! The title read: Azarov: “Tymoshenko is a woman of the past!”  If Ms. Tymoshenko is a woman of the past, then striker Azarov must be from somewhere in the middle ages, where lawlessness and the absolute power of those who were ruling was quite common.

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