In today’s column, Jim Asher discusses the Dow Jones Industrials and why this famous index of the U.S. stock market masks some truths that raise serious questions about the disparity between stock mar
In today’s column, Jim Asher discusses a huge, Soviet-era water project into which billions of rubles were invested that has never fully utilized and today realizes no more than 10 to 15 percent of it
Our regular columnist, Jim Asher, ruminates on a wide range of subjects and usually comes to some interesting and insightful conclusions. In the latest letter, he offers a suggestion about high paid e
This is the second of the contributions by a new writer to Business Ukraine Online (UBO). He is Jim Asher, a Kansas native who has spent most of the past 19 years kicking around Ukraine and now finall
We designed Ukraine Business Online to live up to its name as a news site that covers Ukraine in general but business in particular. As a part of fulfilling our mission, you will not only find a stead
Kyiv's broad pedestrian ways have become congested and dangerous By E. F. Riccio Municipalities do not usually provide merchandise to their constituents, but they are r elied upon to provide services
Commentary from Ukraine Business Online By Igor Kaminnyk One of the great saying that have come down through history is, "Money is a measure of the sincerity of authorities’ intentions." Perhaps that
Living up to your promises 2010/1/10 5:08:17
By Juhani Grossman Editor’s Note: The writer submitted the following op-ed in the form of a memorandum directed to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, two lead
Commentary from Ukraine Business Online KYIV, Nov. 28, 2009 (UBO) – Some would consider the headline above somewhat inflammatory and they could be right. However, we offered that headline as a way of
Commentary from Ukraine Business Online KYIV, Nov. 22, 2009 (UBO) – With a little less than two months until Ukrainian citizens go to the polls to elect a new president, a statement by one candidate r
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