In his latest offering, Bishop Paul Peter Jesep interprets what he believes to be the divine wisdom of St. Job of Pochaev to guide Ukrainians at this important period in their history.

“…one of the key issues of current elections is the energetic independence of the state, as one of the key components of national security of Ukraine, which requires utmost attention and is bound to be one of the main priorities of all branches of power.”


Ukraine’s half-step into Putin’s Common Economic Space adds another brick to the gravestone marking the end of Ukraine’s dream of European integration.


“…as parliamentary elections approach and his Party of Regions continues to struggle in the polls, Yanukovych has decided to keep a campaign promise to his base in the east and advocate for the promotion of Russian to an official language. It is in no way as a pro-Russian decision, but a base political one.”


Survey by most respected research organizations finds most Ukrainians think events in Ukraine are developing in wrong direction


Language law in Ukraine 2012/8/1 23:49:59

Kryvonis: “The Ukrainian language was suppressed for far too long to be generous now to the people whose government was so brutal in suppressing the Ukrainian language for generations. Russians in Ukraine do not want to be regarded as a 'minority,' but they are.”

Jesep: “…President Barack Obama’s Administration, as evidenced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s outspoken comments, has never missed an opportunity to highlight Ukraine’s rapid slide toward authoritarianism.  Her remarks have helped to keep the spotlight on the corrupt dust settling over Ukraine.”

“Bishop Jesep’s article is scientifically and morally correct on all points.”

“Any time there are restrictions on someone else’s liberties then everyone’s freedom is under threat.  Suppression of freedom starts incrementally.  It begins with suppressing minorities the majority doesn’t understand.  Tsars and Communists thought Ukrainians were a minority and suppressed the culture and language and attempted to suffocate the country’s national identity.”

Impeach Yanukovych? 2012/7/16 22:27:51

Bishop Jesep: “Viktor Fedorovych has attempted to bring about authoritarianism in Ukraine comparable to his friend in Muscovy.  Yet the impeachment initiative underscores that despite efforts to suppress political competitiveness, Ukraine still has a strong, diverse opposition fighting for reform and fundamental democratic principles.”


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