“The Donetsk team alone cannot ensure presidential election - Yanukovych will be elected not president of Donbas in 2015, but the president of Ukraine. Therefore, attracting and returning personnel from other regions is inevitable."


Approximately, 1.5 million Jews were murdered in Ukraine and buried in mass, unmarked graves.  This figure does not include Ukrainian Jews killed in the death camps.  Jews have lived in present day Ukraine before the first Ukrainian principality was founded, Kyiv-Rus.  Grand Prince Volodymyr once considered adopting Judaism as the state religion as a way to unify the nation. 


Concorde Capital analyst sees the trip as a sign the Ukrainian government is seriously considering meeting IMF demands and boosts the likelihood that a new standby loan agreement will be reached.


Jesep: “The report, now being used by the Yanukovych regime to legitimize its expanding authoritarianism in the Putin fashion, received a cool international response forcing one of Skadden’s partners to explain the findings.  Some might call it spin.  If a legal report has to be clarified then its language is unclear.” 

“The loans-to-GDP ratio of our closest peers in the CIS is 43% for Russia, 28% for Azerbaijan and 33% for Kazakhstan. In my view, this is evidence that Ukraine needs at least another couple of years to restore the relative balance, while Ukrainian banks can rely only on very modest growth in core revenues to just cover increases in their operating expenses.”

Svoboda's Anti-Semitism 2012/12/27 22:41:37

“There are valid concerns about the rise of Svoboda.  They should not be dismissed by anyone, especially Ukrainians in the Diaspora.”

“Only seven ministers, including the prime minister, will remain in their chairs, including the pro-Russian Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk, who is widely considered as an indulgence to the Russian government.”


Thanks to enterprising investigative reporters, lavish spending on Ukraine’s presidential administration joins other factors that will make state budget rewrite contentious and complicated

Harlots, Whores, and Prostitutes 2012/12/15 11:03:59

“Lawyers are to be zealous advocates for clients.  In this role, however, lawyers should never allow advocacy to compromise personal ethics and integrity.  In the end, all a lawyer has, or any person, is his or her reputation.”  

A Thursday videotaped speech to the Verkhovna Rada left little doubt that President Yanukovych will attempt to have all benefits of the Russia-backed Customs Union without membership.

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