Under the agreement, the general period of stay of citizens on the territory of another country should not exceed 90 days within six months from the date of first entry 


Thirty hotels with 2,819 rooms opened in Kyiv over the period of preparations for EURO 2012, which helped create more than 2,000 jobs


The low cost line now provides service to 17 destinations from three Ukrainian cities


Holidaymakers to date up 5.2% overall in the autonomous republic but some areas suffer


Between the Kherson region accident and another similar accident in Chernihiv, a total of 14 persons have been killed and 64 injured in just two tourism-related road accidents in less than 30 days


In Crimea suitable for rafting are three rivers

Multiple-entry visas will be available to the citizens who travelled to Bulgaria on a tourist visa at private invitation or business visa


"In connection with continued violence, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry advises Ukrainian citizens to refrain from traveling to this country"

The newspaper notes that in relation to the EURO 2012 European Football Championship, the host city has become fashionable, attracting the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world like a magnet


The Lviv-Baku flight will be carried out once a week on Sundays

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