A Thai government program that some claim was ill-conceived and badly managed has left the government with 10 million tons of rice it has been unable to sell and a commitment to buy as much as seven million tons more this year

When Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych sit down in Moscow, unexpected factors could be the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea and Mr. Putin’s determination to remain a power in the Arab world.

The commentary below by Svitlana Kononchuk, Head, Politics Department of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR), seeks to bring clarity to questions related to local elections in Ukraine

Yanukovych’s mixed messages 2013/2/28 21:32:21

Jesep: “In considering economic reforms coupled with civil and human rights, Ukraine must take a mature, integrated, and comprehensive approach if it expects the benefits of being a respected, involved member of the European community.  All segments of society have valuable contributions to offer to make Ukraine a stronger nation.”  

Analyst: “Ignoring close to half of the EU benchmarks…is a standard tactic for the Yanukovych administration, which uses bazaar-style bargaining as a tool with everyone it deals with…”


“It is unfortunate Shevchuk won’t be a contender since he and other Eastern Rite Catholic leaders would bring a unique perspective, a much needed breath of fresh air to Rome.”  

Expert: “Total exports in the 1H13 calendar year would be 3.4 mmt smaller yoy and 5.5 mmt smaller h-o-h (or about USD 1.4 bln) – yet another reason for the expected worsening of Ukraine’s current account deficit in the coming months."

“We suggest that the aggrieved taxpayer does not rush to ‘negotiate’ or discharge any dubious obligations before all evidence has been analyzed because, in the majority of cases, there are sufficient legal grounds for an appeal.”

“…the involvement of a private company in the exploration and development of fields in the Black Sea will speed up the production process through investment that the state cannot provide.”


“…for this act, the Ukrainian Parliament neglected amendments which had been offered during this review process and adopted the original, unamended version of the act. The famous Ukrainian lawyer Viktor Musiyaka — the author of Ukraine's constitution — has declared the legislation unconstitutional because of the procedural violations during its adoption.”


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