Goble: “…Moscow’s heavy-handed approach toward Ukraine has led many in Europe to conclude that they cannot afford to put themselves in a position where the Russian government either directly or via Gazprom will be able hold the continent hostage.”


Bohdan Slabyj: “Mr. Putin initiated a Customs Union, but without Ukraine's participation, it does not amount to much.”

“…all Ukrainian Christians, no matter their denomination or whether they are clergy, should be called on to publicly express disapproval and begin the difficult dialogue to reconcile the evil alliance some made with the Nazis.” 

“If Moscow lost income from “Siberian exports” of gas and oil and other raw materials, Russia would ‘immediately fall from ninth to 30th place in the rates of global exporters’ – which would put it on a par with Austria. In short, he says, ‘today it is not Siberia which is the eastern borderland of Russia, but Moscow is a large unproductive city to the west of Siberia.’”


“For historical reasons,” he argues, “the Russian national project has lagged behind and still lags behind even in comparison to the Ukrainian.”


NewScientist: “New geophysical research concludes that over 100 small earthquakes were triggered in a single year of fracking-related activities in one region of Ohio…The largest, on 31 December 2011, had a magnitude of 3.9.”

“Though Russia decriminalized homosexuality just after the fall of communism in 1993, anti-gay sentiments have been on the rise in the country in the past few years. Putin blames gays and lesbians for the steady population decline since 1991. But activists also believe that Putin is using the crackdown to appeal to conservative voters.”

The commentary below, which appeared titled as above in Paul Goble's "Window on Eurasia" series points to one of the current realities in Russia that might engage Mr Putin’s energies rather than attempting by all means possible to force Ukraine to deny its European direction and join his Moscow-centric Customs Union.

“Russian patriots saw in the young phenomenon of fascism and German national-socialism that universal political doctrine which fully expressed their own views and was capable of becoming the basis for the cleansing of the world of the communist plague,” the Moscow nationalist site says.


Emulate the Zaporozhyan Cossacks in their manifesto to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire and show your mettle as a believer in democracy.


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