UBO believes Ukraine’s efforts to diversify its sources of natural gas and its chances of getting an IMF loan restart are directly tied


“The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars ‘is inclined to view the actions of today’s Ukrainian authorities and especially the ruling party as a manifestation of a ‘Soviet’ relationship to the Crimean Tatars and an attempt by means of all forces to limit the activity of Crimean Tatar organizations.’”

The next time you see horrible pictures of death and destruction coming out of Syria, remember that the war there is not just about the survival of the Bashar al-Asad regime, it is also about Russia’s massive support to that regime in hopes of hanging on to its base at Tartus, the preferred future home of a Russian Mediterranean naval squadron.


LGBTQ Ukrainians held their first Equality March in Kyiv this past weekend and its significance goes well beyond calls for legal rights and protections for sexual minorities.


"President Viktor Yanukovych’s regime, widely criticized for harassing reporters, nurturing a culture of corruption, and using the justice system to persecute political opponents like Yulia Tymoshenko, has a chance to show the European Union he can do something right.  He needs to support the event and protect demonstrators in favor of and opposed to civil and human rights for LGBTQ Ukrainians.  He needs to show support, not for the message, but for freedom of expression."


Rather than taking a strong, principled position, Kyiv city officials and the human rights commissioner appear to be searching for reasons to avoid or postpone questions regarding a possible gay rights march.


Quo vadis, Ukraina? 2013/5/10 11:45:59

Ukraine seems unwilling to make the moves it must to grasp a European future

"The changes in bank ownership have profoundly weakened the country’s banking system, and they reflect the hostility of the Ukrainian authorities to foreign influence and to the rigorous banking standards they bring."

Tymoshenko Vindicated! 2013/4/30 18:48:23

Jesep: “And justice will be done.” Dostoevsky wrote in The Brothers Karamazov. “Believe that, never doubt it, for therein lies the hope and the faith of the saints.” Today, Yulia Tymoshenko received justice. Western governments must renew pressure on the Yanukovych regime to free her.

Jesep: “The international community has widely condemned the new investigation as another example of Yanukovych’s attempt to use the country’s corrupt, deeply flawed justice system to marginalize political adversaries.”

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