Requirements include:

  • Ability to interact effectively with American and Ukrainian academics, government officials, NGO and business leaders
  • Strong oral, written and interpersonal communication skills; proficiency in English and Ukrainian required.

Non-governmental organizations have played a much more positive role in Ukraine than in Russia where they have been effectively throttled and brought under immense government pressure. Fund raising remains a major problem for Ukraine’s NGOs as revealed in new study.


Big band, small venue, for assured seating get your track shoes on.

Noted political scientist to speak in the Ukrainian Studies Program at Columbia’s Harriman Institute

ACTR/ACCELS is attempting to identify potential host families (or individuals) for members of a group of Legislative Fellows scheduled to arrive in the United States in mid-September from Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.

A 21-year old female student from Ukraine felt her lifelong dream of a pleasant visit to the United States slipping through her fingers as she stood alone, stranded and feeling hopeless in the middle of a shopping mall, on the verge of homelessness.

Day of Kyiv celebrations begin 2011/5/28 15:15:54

A memorial sign in honor of the great jeweler of the XIX-XX centuries, Faberge, will be officially unveiled in Kyiv Passage

Law firm schedules event to provide answers regarding immigration and labor law changes that have caused confusion in Ukraine’s foreign business community

Day of Europe in Kyiv on May 21 2011/5/17 13:14:25

The Kyiv Municipal State Administration has approved a plan of actions dated to celebration of the Day of Europe on May 21 in Kyiv, Administration’s press service said in written statement.

Ukraine Business Online proudly supports Ukraine Little League Baseball as it prepares to conduct the 2nd Ukraine Junior League Baseball Championships, June 22-24, 2011 at the Kirovograd Major League Stadium.

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