British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn does not believe heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury will ever fight again after he withdrew from his Oct. 29 rematch with Volodymyr Klitschko, citing mental health problems. For more on the alleged Fury mental health issues, link to: ... ponement-says-eddie-hearn


Russia has appealed that court ruling to the Swiss Federal Court, with a decision expected this week. The Swiss court can only overturn the earlier court decision if there was a procedural mistake. It cannot rule on the merits of the case.


Photo: Two young women are flanked by South Korean dancers as they admire the figure skating sculptures for 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics in a giant transparent sphere during a publicity event in front of the Seoul City Hall in Seoul, South Korea, 21 December 2015. The first Winter Olympic Games held in South Korea will kick off on 09 February 2018.


Announcing the original ban, IPC president Sir Philip Craven described Russia's anti-doping system as "broken, corrupted and entirely compromised", saying it put "medals over morals".


IOC head Thomas Bach tries to shovel blame for the shambles over Russian participation at the Rio 2016 squarely onto the shoulders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). However, one analyst says: “Bach is the wrong man at the wrong time for this job.”


UBO: There is a growing consensus – with which UBO agrees – that the IOC under Thomas Bach has shown itself to be gutless and utterly incompetent in dealing with the Russians in the matter of that country’s systematic abuse of the anti-doping rules to which Russia signed up and claimed to be following – until proof was presented to the contrary. Bach’s attempts to placate Russia have only worsened a bad situation and could very well result in the Rio Olympics being much less of a success that it could have been.


“…the extraordinary scale of Russia’s doping program, with government agents swapping out urine samples through a hole in the wall, required the I.O.C. to take a decisive stand against the corruption of international sport. Instead, the committee opted for a weak, chaotic response whose main effect is to take Russia off the hook.”


Robert Harting: "For me, he is a part of the doping system, not the anti-doping system. I am ashamed of Thomas Bach," the 2012 gold medal winner told news agency SID.


Photo: ISTAF Indoor Leichtathletik Robert Harting 

The move comes after the IOC rules out backing any sports event in Russia


Photo: Opening ceremony at inaugural European Games at Baku, Azerbaijan


Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev makes a personal plea to International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach

Sebastian Coe: “…I didn’t come into this sport to stop athletes from competing. It is our federation’s instinctive desire to include, not exclude. Beyond Rio the IAAF Taskforce will continue to work with Russia to establish a clean safe environment for its athletes so that its federation and team can return to international recognition and competition."


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